Working remotely in Portugal

working remotely in portugal

As remote work is becoming more and more the norm, you could be tempted to move abroad, and why not, right?! When you have the freedom to work from anywhere you want, Portugal should go on top of your list, and here is why 😄

Working and living in Portugal for the weather

Living and working in Portugal has many benefits but the main one is being able to live under the Portuguese sun! After all, waking up in the sunshine and taking a morning walk with the warmth from the sun.. doesn’t that sound good? ☀️

There is so many nice places that it can be difficult to choose where to live in Portugal. If you choose to live in Lisbon, you will be working in the sunniest European capital! You could also decide to work in Porto, the other big city where the summers are hot and the springs are warm (if you ask me, the perfect weather 😌). And if you are a beach lover, consider moving to the Algarve, one of the prettiest regions of Portugal. You will be able to work remotely from beautiful beaches and landscapes 😍

The cost of living in Portugal

Did you know that working in Portugal means living in one of the cheapest countries in Europe? Perfect when you’re working remotely. You can enjoy a high standard of living and a low cost of living! You can have a very nice life in Portugal from just 750-1000€ per month. Let’s break down some costs to give you an idea of the life you could have when you’re working remotely in Portugal… 😜

  • A room in the center of Lisbon: around 350€/month
  • A pint of beer: less than 2€
  • Dinner out for 2 person : around 30€
  • Taxi : 0,7€/km
  • And grocery shopping is cheaper as well !

The quality of life when working in Portugal 

As seen above, the weather and the cost of living allow you to have a very nice quality of life wherever you’re working in Portugal. You will also get the chance to immerse yourself in a new culture while meeting like-minded people. Portugal is full of digital nomads/freelancers/remote workers who have made the decision to try the Portuguese way of living. That’s why you’ll find tons of coworking space to work remotely in Portugal while eating some Pasteis de Nata 

How to find remote jobs in Portugal?

The easiest way to find a remote job in Portugal is to ask yourself: Wherever I am working right now, is there any way I could do my job remotely? Of course, it might be a little difficult if you work in the hospitality industry for example, but if you work in marketing or design, maybe there is a way you could do your job from another country? (just a thought 😜)

Otherwise, if you are already living and working in Portugal, there are a lot of multinational companies looking for international candidates. Indeed, some of the biggest companies have their customer service based in Portugal, and they offer a lot of remote jobs from Portugal. Check our vacancies and maybe you’ll find your remote job in Portugal! ✈️

Do I need a visa?

If you’re European you don’t need any visas to work remotely in Portugal. If you’re from a country outside the EU: you can have a tourist visa which allows you to stay 90 days, but if you’d like to stay longer, maybe you should consider getting a D7 visa while working in Portugal.