Should You Look for Seasonal Vineyard Work?

Should You Look for Seasonal Vineyard Work?

Seasonal jobs are ideal for people who want to make money without a long-term commitment and enjoy the best of what a region has to offer. For some people, that sends them in the direction of vineyards. After all, vineyards are generally located in some of the most beautiful parts of any country and only hire additional workers at specific times of the year.  If you’re unsure whether seasonal vineyard work is right for you, here are some of the many reasons to consider it: 

Stunning Locations

Applying for jobs in vineyards can sometimes provide you with an opportunity to relocate to a beautiful region in a desirable country temporarily. When you’re not busy working, you can enjoy the best of what that region has to offer. 

For example, if you secured seasonal vineyard work in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales, Australia, you could enjoy desirable tourist activities in your spare time, like Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours, hot air balloon rides, and national parks. 

Work Variety

While you’ll likely be tasked with doing one type of work after being hired to work on a vineyard, what that work is can depend on the season you plan to work. Many vineyards hire workers to take care of grape picking toward the end of summer. If you approach a vineyard for work in winter, you may be required to undertake pruning, which involves cutting off unwanted growth to promote a healthy vine. 

Wire dropping is also another common job toward the end of winter. This work involves walking down rows and dropping the wires that have been clipped at the top of the posts. Some seasonal workers are then tasked with the vital job of shooting, which involves pulling out overgrowth without tools. It may not be your dream job, but it’s a great way to earn money while you travel.

Skills Development

Most seasonal vineyard workers don’t require any specific skills to be hired to work with grape vines. As long as you have a great work ethic, vineyard owners may be happy to hire you to fill their winter or summer job vacancies. However, you can leave at the end of the season with a range of new skills. You may then be able to update your CV with these skills and potentially find it easier to secure new jobs in the future.

Physical Activity

Maintaining an active lifestyle can be challenging in the average nine-to-five office job. You may not feel like you’re getting enough exercise and rarely have time to participate in activities outside of work. That can change with a seasonal vineyard job. Most vineyard jobs involve outside work where you’ll be using your body to complete tasks like harvesting, lifting, and pruning. You’ll enjoy plenty of exercise with this type of working life.

Seasonal work doesn’t suit everyone, but there can be many advantages associated with seasonal vineyard work. You can enjoy being physically active, exploring new regions, and learning new skills. Once you’ve tried seasonal work on your travels, you’ll likely be eagerly awaiting the next opportunity.