Find the right summer job for you

Find the right summer job for you

Maybe your plans to save enough to travel the globe during summer didn’t quite work out, or university is over for a few months and you’re already bored of being back home…well luckily for you we have plenty of opportunities to work a seasonal job abroad right here on AnyworkAnywhere, meaning you can jet off to somewhere exciting with a summer job and earn whilst you explore!

Spending a summer working abroad means a change of scenery, some money in the bank and experience that looks great on your CV as well as making everyone back home green with envy, so check out our top summer jobs and decide where you’re going to spend your summer!

Become an au pair

There are families all over the world searching for someone to look after their kids once school is out, so au pair jobs are plentiful and perfect for you if you already have some childcare experience! Pay varies widely, but expect to earn around £400 per month if you are working in Europe, which is doubled to around £800 if you decide to work in Canada, and then unsurprisingly even higher wages of around £900 to £1800 can be made in the Middle East, depending on the family. What’s better, you usually can expect to get room and board for free, meaning whatever your wage it is all yours to spend on your days off! Becoming an au pair is an amazing way to get to experience the culture of a new country alongside locals, as you play a vital part in the children’s lives and even get the opportunity to brush up on a new language! So, if you are good with kids and looking to venture out into the world, maybe this is the job for you!

Work at a summer camp

Another great job opportunity for those who love working with children, enrolling at a summer camp is an amazing chance to earn some money this summer whilst getting the opportunity to live abroad. Although when you hear ‘summer camp’ you may automatically think of America, there are actually also jobs available in Europe, Canada and the Far East, so wherever your dream destination you are sure to find the perfect role for you! As you will be based on camp for the full length of your employment your food and accommodation will be included, so this means you can save your wages to pay for the 30 free days of travel you have at the end of the majority of the camps, so you still have plenty of time to explore!

Teach English abroad

Is English your native language? If the answer is yes, then with half a billion English language learners around the world, you are in high demand! Whether you are wanting to gain teaching experience, or simply get the chance to travel abroad whilst making a difference, there are companies all around the world looking for people just like you to teach English in a foreign country, and make money whilst you do it! The pay varies depending on the country, but with benefits such as accommodation and travel allowance sometimes being thrown in is a great opportunity to work abroad this summer! A top tip – you are much more likely to be successful finding a teaching job abroad with a TEFL Certificate (Teacher of English as a Foreign Language) but for some jobs this is included as part of the programme, so keep your eyes peeled for jobs suitable for you and you could be spending your summer somewhere amazing!

Fruit-picking and farm work

Fruit picking jobs are always plentiful throughout the world and if you’re looking for some short-term seasonal work, abroad or at home, love the great outdoors, and want to earn money whilst travelling and meeting new friends, then a job fruit-picking is certainly something to consider. giving you the freedom to travel and earn at the same time, you could be strawberry picking in the UK, helping with the grape harvest in France or picking exotic fruits working your way along the harvest trail in Australia – there is always fruit to be picked somewhere in the world! If you’re happy to get hands-on then you could have an exciting, fun and energetic holiday whilst earning at the same time. Accommodation is often provided, in bunkhouses which can be basic but if you’re a relaxed person who’s happy to join in with a community then it’s a great way to spend the summer months.

Work at a resort

Want to spend your summer in the sun, surrounded by beautiful beaches and happy holidaymakers? If the answer is yes, working in a resort this summer could be the job for you! With opportunities to work as an entertainer, hospitality staff, kids reps, lifeguards and bar workers, whatever your skill set there is a role ideal for you! With many resorts providing benefits such as food and accommodation for their staff, your wage can go further on your days off as you explore and soak in the local culture!

With all these opportunities to spend a summer working abroad, you are bound to find a job that suits you, so check out our vacancies today and start planning the best summer of your life!