Voluntary work in Morocco

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Morocco

Morocco is filled with ancient cities comprised of coastlines, deserts and skyscrapers. The Islamic country is influenced by westernization due to its close proximity to Europe, though more developed than other African countries, Morocco is still working on improving women’s rights, offering help to orphaned children and developing the local communities. There are endless opportunities for those looking for voluntary work in Morocco, and they will always get the chance to experience the local culture.

Where to volunteer in Morocco

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and the second largest city in the country. Located on the Atlantic coast, there are so many things to explore in Rabat. Popular voluntary work in Rabat includes health and child care, working in orphanages, teaching English and community development.

Tangier is a city in the North of Morocco, which is just a short ferry trip away from Spain. Whilst Tangier is the closest part of Morocco to Europe, the city is still filled with Islamic culture, the Kasbah and the historical Sultan’s palace. Those who choose to volunteer here will have a huge range of choice of opportunities.

The largest city in Morocco is Casablanca, which is one of the most industrial and economic centers in Africa. The city has a much more modern atmosphere to Rabat and Tangier, with contemporary architecture and less ancient artifacts. Popular voluntary work in Morocco includes education and teaching English.

Volunteering projects in Morocco

Morocco provides a wide variety of voluntary work placements, ranging from teaching English, helping with orphaned children or the disabled, or related medical placements.

As the third language in Morocco’s educational system, learning English is important within the country. The continuous increasing international job market makes English a popular language to perfect, making students eager to learn. As an English teaching volunteer, volunteers in Morocco are able to work in various schools, with a range of ages from children to adults, only requiring native fluency in English.

Morocco has a law that prohibits residents from having children out of wedlock, therefore leaving many children homeless and orphaned. There is always a great need for volunteers in orphanages, allowing volunteers to spend time with children and teach them new skills or English lessons. Volunteers may also wish to participate in working with children with disabilities, helping them in their everyday lives. Both of these types of voluntary work in Morocco are very rewarding experiences.

For the volunteers who have a background in medicine or want to gain experience in the field, there are many organizations who offer healthcare voluntary work in Morocco. Volunteers will gain the opportunity to work in clinics or hospitals and provide general healthcare for Moroccans, ranging from physical practices or providing educational help.