Voluntary work in Israel

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Israel

With almost one third of all Israelis being active volunteers, voluntary work in Israel is an experience like no other, as the giving nature of the locals means you will be welcomed with open arms. The rolling hills and valleys, the overwhelming vastness of the Negev desert, the calmness of the Dead Sea, and the ancient history that hums in the air of Nazareth and Jerusalem make any visit to Israel a spectacular one that will challenge the perspectives you’ve carried with you and encourage you to see the world with an open mind and heart.

Where to volunteer in Israel

The most famous city of Israel, Jerusalem, is for many the end point of an inspirational pilgrimage, with millions of visitors from all religions flocking annually to gain an experience unlike any other. Voluntary work in Israel’s capital means seeing firsthand some of the world’s oldest history in the Old City but make sure you take the long way there to soak up the city’s winding ancient alleyways and bustling market that add to the incredible atmosphere of the city that serves as the nucleus of deep religious importance to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

For a modern experience of voluntary work in Israel, Tel Aviv is the cosmopolitan city to lend a helping hand; lined by a glorious coastline, the stunning beaches, non-stop nightlife and creative culture is only enhanced by the incredible heritage that has led to this modern day mecca for Israel’s younger generations. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the world-class Tel Aviv Museum of Art, or a swanky bar after a day volunteering, and question every preconceived notion you had of Israeli life.

Volunteering projects in Israel

Voluntary work in Israel is as varied as it is rewarding. Eco-tourism is an amazing way to see the natural beauty the country has to offer as volunteers have the chance to dive deep into coral reef conservation and work with endangered wildlife.

Volunteers in Israel also have the opportunity to contribute to the prevalent human rights movement, campaigning to amend policies and attitudes and raise awareness about pressing issues. Through this type of voluntary work in Israel, you will be contributing to the improvement of the lives of under-served and underprivileged communities.

Volunteering within health care programs in Israel are a great way to gain experience if you are pursuing a career in the medical field. Work with nurses and therapists caring for the elderly and vulnerable and make a real impact on the lives of the locals.