Voluntary work in Australia

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Australia

Voluntary work in Australia is an amazing opportunity to head down under to experience life as an Aussie, as you have the journey of a lifetime surrounded by friendly people, beautiful scenery and non-stop thrills. There are plenty of voluntary work in Australia as one of the world’s largest and most sparsely populated countries, there is plenty of room for international volunteers and a limitless variation of roles to undertake.

Where to volunteer in Australia

With most of its cities located along the country’s extensive coastline, there are plenty of incredible locations where you can undertake voluntary work in Australia. The country’s largest city of Sydney, with a population of nearly 5 million (around a fifth of the population of the whole country!) is a very popular destination for volunteers. Located on the world’s largest natural harbor, it is a beautiful location to spend a few months, and you’ll definitely come home with a tan!

Melbourne is another great location for voluntary work in Australia; the second largest city is regarded as one of the most livable cities in the world, which may be down to its cultural diversity, excellent dining options for all budgets, and amazing street art and its reputation as being the coffee capital of the world.

Other great destinations for voluntary work in Australia include the capital city of Canberra, Brisbane and Perth; all of which offer something a little different and with English being the native language you don’t even need to worry about not being able to chat with all the friendly locals!

Volunteering projects in Australia

Voluntary work is Australia is as diverse as it is rewarding, with a huge variety of programs and locations, meaning there is something to suit everyone! Voluntary programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to a full year, depending on both the needs of the project and how much time you want to commit to as an individual!

As a result of much of the country consisting of unsettled wild bush, many volunteer projects are environmentalism based, in areas including animal welfare, conservation and trail building. These roles are great to add experience to your resume alongside making a positive impact to local and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Despite its advance economy, there is still the need for voluntary work in Australia including community development in under served urban areas. Working with refugees is also a way to help contribute to Australian society.