Ski Season Jobs

Nothing shapes an individual better than exposure to hard work, right? While completing ski season jobs sounds like fun, easy work - the reality is working hard everyday of the week to gain the excitement!

Popular Types of Ski Season Jobs

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Chalet Jobs

Ski chalet jobs are the perfect opportunity to work hard play hard; with a range of responsibilities to ensure your guests are kept happy (increasing the possibility of tips to spend at the ski resort bars!), including cooking, baking, cleaning and hosting. Ski chalet jobs provide the chance to expand your hospitality and customer service skills in a new, exciting environment whilst also having the free time to hit the slopes yourself!

Ski Rep Jobs

Ski season rep jobs are perfect if you have a passion for the mountains and want to pass your extensive knowledge onto holiday makers to ensure they have the best time possible at your resort! Ski resort rep jobs mean you will be the main point of contact for paying guests, so it is up to you to make a positive difference to their holiday; it is vital that you are a sociable and chatty individual to excel at this role, as you will be in constant communication with clients.

ski rep jobs
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Ski Chalet Manager Jobs

Chalet manager jobs allows you to enjoy the experience of a chalet season, with the additional CV enhancing responsibility of a managerial role. If you have completed other ski seasons then the mountains are basically your second home, or you have managerial experience at home and want the chance to live and work abroad, this opportunity is perfect for you!  Chalet managers are the first point of contact for guest queries and complaints, so the ability to solve problems independently and with a smile on your face is essential!

Popular Ski Season Job Destinations...


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To benefit everyone, ski season jobs vary widely and may include jobs such as bar, reception or maintenance work, drivers, nannies, chefs, reps and chalet staff, along with the chance to become a ski or snowboard instructor. This means your ski job weekly schedule may vary also, for example one week may consist of working in the morning, hitting the slopes for a few hours and then heading back into work mode for the evening shift, and the next day would be the opposite.

Anywork Anywhere work with some of the largest and well-known ski season companies worldwide to provide you with the best opportunities. These companies include BUNAC, EA Ski And Snowboard, We Are Sno, Alpine Elements and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts. There is snow possible way that none of these amazing companies will not suit your ski season desires.

Working ski season jobs is the very definition of work hard play hard, although if you gain the opportunity to complete it, embrace every gained benefit. These personal benefits may include motivation and determination, building self confidence and working as part of a team – skills that future employers will love! Growing as an individual whilst having the experience of a lifetime.

The first stage of gaining a ski season jobs is to choose where to book your ski season, and in doing this, the world is your oyster! With snow covered mountains ranging from European countries such as Austria, France and Switzerland all the way to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan, you have a large preference of where you can live. However ski season timings also vary throughout the year which may impact your ski season dreams, where the ski season in Europe roughly runs from December to April whilst New Zealand season roughly runs from June to October. Make sure this doesn’t catch you out when planning your trip! As each ski season area looks incredible from photographs, it’s hard to compare as each individual is looking for something different within their ski season, check out the individual country profiles we offer here!