Marine’s testimonial : living and working in Lisbon

Vivre et travailler a lisbonne

Do you want to be living and working abroad ? Discover Marine’s experience about working and living in Lisbon. Maybe after reading through it, you would want to go to Portugal as well, who knows ? 😏✈️

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Become a Turkish Speaking video content analyst in Lisbon!

Become a Turkish Speaking video content analyst in Lisbon!


Turkish-speaking customer service agent in sunny Lisbon


Turkish-speaking customer service agent wanted for leading social media platforms!

Czech-speaking Service Desk Agent needed in Portugal

Czech-speaking Service Desk Agent needed in Portugal

Become a Romanian-Speaking Video Content Analyst in Sunny Lisbon!

Become a Romanian-Speaking Video Content Analyst in Sunny Lisbon!


Arabic Speaking video content analyst needed in Lisbon!

Marine’s testimonial : working and living in Lisbon

Hello Marine, why did you decide to go working and living in Lisbon ?
Working and living in Lisbon only has advantages : I’m living in a touristic capital so I feel like I’m always on holiday ! I take a step outside and I’m surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There is always something to do. But at the same time, I don’t live in the city center, so I’m not in the middle of all the noise and the people. We can kinda say I have a holiday life ☀️

What are the advantages of working in an international team?
To discover other cultures, to open to other people and to make new connections. I now know people from everywhere : if I want to go to Germany, I have a friend, if I want to go to Canada, I have a friend. I met them here, we worked together and we became friends. Moreover, it helps me in learning new languages. Working in an international team means you will never be alone. There are people, travellers around you with similar mindset and very open minded. 

What did you think about our interview process for working and living in Lisbon ? 
I found it so easy ! I applied online and got a call 15 min later. The day after I had an interview with the company’s HR that hired me. At the end, in 3 days it was done. So it was very fast and effective to go working and living in Lisbon ✈️

Talk to us about your apartment 
Okay, so I live in an apartment that is a bit far from the center but in such a nice neighbourhood, and it’s very easy to get to one point from another thanks to its public transportations. Regarding the apartment, it has everything you could ask for : a washing machine, a drier and if there is any problem at all, you can call someone and they will come for free to repair. We don’t have any fees to pay, from electricity to internet, everything is included. There are no surprises at the end of the month. 😄
Honestly, the place is big. My room is the size of the apartment I was living in before. 

Is it easy to make friends when living and working in Lisbon ? 
I arrived in the middle of the pandemic, in a lockdown when everybody was working from home, so let’s say it wouldn’t be easy to meet anyone, anywhere. However, I was very well welcomed by my colleagues, even if we only knew each other virtually at the beginning. They quickly arranged a meeting. We have a Whatsapp group where we organize activities every once in a while. Then, after going out for a while, I met some locals and other expats. 

What do you do during your free time ? 
I am a tourist ! I explore. Portugal is small so most of the cities are very easy to access. If we want to get away for a weekend, we rent a car and in 3 hours we are at the other end of the country. So during my free time, I explore, I am on holiday so I just go on adventure. I enjoy being in a country where you don’t need to plan a holiday, or to take the plane as you’re already in an amazing place.

Any advise for people who want to go work abroad ? 
Stop finding excuses, because there will always be one : your friends, your job, your apartment… At one point, you need to make a choice and go. Don’t think too much, things will go with the flow. We can be scared but we are never alone, there is always a supportive community f to help us or answer our questions. It’s so easy ! I left with 2 suitcases, I moved in a furnished apartment and I didn’t have to do anything for my papers or bank account as the company took care of all of it. It was so easy. Honestly, there is no reason not to do it, you just need to take a chance! And you are not going forever, if you realize, after 3 or 4 months, that this is not for you, you can just go back home. 

Would you recommend us to your friends ? 
I talk a lot about my experience of working and living in Lisbon so I do think it shows people it’s possible to see someone doing it. I do know I will use your services again, in the future. I’m always looking at the website and when I receive the newsletter with the job offers I’m like “oh why not go to this country next year?”, it’s so easy ! 

If Marine’s testimonial inspired you for working and living in Lisbon, have a look through our jobs abroad… you could be living the dream just like her in a few weeks 🥰