TEFL Fact Check

TEFL Fact Check

Thinking of doing a TEFL Course or finding a teaching job abroad, but heard rumours that are putting you off taking the plunge? Luckily for you we have done a TEFL fact check, addressing the myths and giving you the real answers! We’re sure that after reading this, any TEFL doubts will be put at ease and you’ll be booking a flight to start your next adventure in no time! So read on to put the worries to bed and get a push in the TEFL direction…

You need to speak the local language… Myth! 

TEFL courses mean you learn how to teach English without the need for knowing the local language, meaning there is nothing holding you back if you are put off due to not speaking a second language! Obviously knowing a basic level will help you get by in day to day life, so it is a good idea to try to pick up a bit of the lingo while you’re there, but there is no pressure to be fluent! Since you are there to pass on your language skills, so in the classroom you’ll be speaking your native tongue!

TEFL doesn’t pay well… Not true! 

Although TEFL jobs are about the incredibly rewarding experience of exploring a new country whilst teaching people a skill that will help them for life, that doesn’t mean you need to spend your time abroad counting the pennies! TEFL salaries vary depending on where in the world you are teaching, but having a TEFL qualification should mean you have access to higher paying jobs and you’ll be able to afford a good standard of living wherever you find yourself. What’s more, schools in some countries provide health insurance or occasionally employers may provide free accommodation – however, these benefits will vary depending on your location and employer. There is also the opportunity to offer private language lessons if you want to make some extra cash.

I’m a native English speaker so I don’t need a TEFL qualification..do I? 

Although it is true that it’s possible to find a job teaching English abroad without a qualification, the reality is that there are hundreds of native English speakers looking to teach abroad, so having a TEFL qualification under your belt helps you stand out from the crowd of applicants and will help you land a job in your dream location. Furthermore, actually knowing how best to teach a class will come in handy when you are staring at a classroom full of students on your first day, and a TEFL course will prepare you for how to effectively engage a class. Online TEFL courses are a great opportunity for those with a busy schedule, but there is also the opportunity to travel abroad for a TEFL course, which is a great chance to squeeze some sightseeing in!

It’s too hard to find a TEFL job! 

With one billion individuals learning English worldwide, there is no shortage of schools looking for qualified native English teachers, meaning that you are sure to find a job! There are thousands of TEFL jobs advertised all over the world (check TEFL job vacancies out here!) so although you may have to apply for a few before you land your dream job, hang in there… there is the perfect role for you out there!

Although the preparation process can be intimidating, it’ll be a distant memory when you are having an incredible time exploring your new home. So now you are ready for your big adventure teaching abroad! Remember the most important part of your journey…to have fun!