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Zambia is truly known as one of Africa’s success stories, being part of the British Empire before gaining independence in 1964, it is now relatively stable and peaceful and in terms of civil violence and corruption, the government works much better than others in Africa as a whole. Zambia is a small landlocked country in Southern Africa, offering unique and incredible wildlife off the beaten path and opportunities for adventures. With the access to majestic national parks, world wonders and a rich cultural heritage, the country is often underestimated and well worth a long stay.

Where to volunteer in Zambia

Where can you find voluntary work in Zambia? Lusaka, Livingstone and Choma:

With a population of around 1.75 million, Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and has a continuously growing economy. However, this increasing population due to the country’s economy changes and urbanized cities, is combined with the country’s high HIV / AIDS rate and refugees arriving from neighboring countries, therefore there is a need for social services. Lusaka is also home to hundreds of orphanages along with day care centers, schools and shelters for children – therefore if volunteering with children is your main interest, volunteering in Lusaka is a good start.

Livingstone is close to the famous Victoria Falls and other natural exhibitions, which makes it the closest thing to a tourist town in Zambia. Livingstone is also the center for the country’s emerging wildlife conservation efforts, therefore if you are looking to volunteering with animals, your efforts to help rehabilitate and restore the wild lion population will be much appreciated here.

Choma is the commercial business center of Zambia, located on a direct route between Lusaka and Livingstone. Choma homes Macha Mission Hospital which provides acute care, HIV / AIDS services, various community wellness programs and also programs specified to youths health. Choma is most definitely the area to consider if your interest is volunteering in community health and wellness services.

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Volunteering projects in Zambia

Voluntary work in Zambia is very unique – with both a real need for volunteers and the benefits of undiscovered raw beauty, programs have the magic combination of both adventure and purpose. Just make sure to do your research and find programs that allow you to connect with the locals, utilize your skills and find your dream voluntary work in Zambia!

Medical and Health Care Services: Hospitals and doctor surgeries are always looking for volunteers in Zambia, especially when there are extreme combinations of poverty and high rates of HIV infection. In terms of health care, there is also a high need for volunteers who have an interest and are motivated but have little skills, such as taking care of non-emergency patients and educating families and the elderly about nutrition, diseases and basic hygiene.

Child Services: Due to the high HIV / AIDS rate, the prevalence of water and foodborne diseases and the high rate of poverty in Zambia, there is sadly a lot of orphans or children in need of help. Those with experience and interest in all areas of child services will find plenty of opportunities for voluntary work in Zambia. For example with a range of roles from infant specialties, day care workers or teachers to mental health nurses, with opportunities ranging from a few weeks to year long contracts.

Agriculture: Many educational programs are underway to change the mindset of farmers and poachers in Africa. Poor agricultural techniques, entrenched poverty and a climate with extreme ranges have historically contributed to damaging environmental practices. These programs aim to educate and provide economically feasible alternatives, such as training poachers as wildlife rangers, organic farmers and other tradesmen. Projects focused on tree planting, organic farming and sustainability are also common. If this is your volunteering interest, then there is not a lack of opportunities to help Zambia economically and environmentally.