Voluntary work in Vietnam

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Vietnam

Voluntary work in Vietnam offers individuals the chance to explore life in one of the 54 hill tribes, build relationships with the local people and gain a rewarding experience to give back to a country who has had a harsh past. Vietnam is known to welcome volunteers throughout a range of industries, from education to health care, and youth development to environmental sustainability efforts, there is a volunteer program suited for everyone’s interests! Vietnam offers incredible sights for volunteers to explore, such as hiking in the jungles, visiting the limestone islands or exploring one of the ten national parks whilst floating along the Mekong Delta.

Where to volunteer in Vietnam

Voluntary work in Vietnam is almost always found in the major cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as in the north near Ha Long Bay.

Hanoi is a lively yet ancient capital city, and is considered the main cultural center of Vietnam. Voluntary work usually ranges from centers for individuals with disabilities to community development or health placements. If you have an interest in volunteering within a health service then Hanoi is the city for you!

Ho Chi Minh City, this is Vietnam’s largest city, found in the South of the country. Ho Chi Minh City is known to have a more colonial feeling than the other cities in Vietnam, with its famous western-looking architecture. Volunteering here allows you to gain incredible insight into the conditions which the soldiers from the North worked, and adventure opportunities such as climbing into the original Vietcong tunnel system.

Ha Long Bay attracts thousands of visitors each year by its archipelago of rocky limestone towers on the Northern coast, which is indeed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Volunteers are able to sail through mystical landscapes and explore caves in traditional ships.

Volunteering projects in Vietnam

Voluntary work in Vietnam varies widely. Working with the disabled is one of the greatest areas of need for voluntary work in Vietnam, with the need for English teachers next with the value of the good English language skills within the Asian market, or simply the need for volunteers to help local teachers build their own English skills too.

Other common voluntary work in Vietnam is at orphanages. Many volunteer projects in Vietnam support children for many different reasons such as the effects of disabilities, family problems leading to becoming an orphan or running away from home to escape abuse of violence. Also, because the education system in Vietnam isn’t free, poor families do not have the same access to education and rely on outside programming for support. Various schools are entirely run by those who volunteer in Vietnam, many of which provide English lessons for low-income children, whilst also offering life skills and other subjects.

Volunteers are also widely needed with areas of social development, law and human rights, the healthcare industry and eco-tourism. Vietnam also has a surprising number of conservation initiatives. The nation’s rapid development and growth socially is not reflected in its environmental practices, therefore organizations focusing on the natural habitat and wildlife of Vietnam have become very popular places to offer voluntary work in Vietnam.

The length of voluntary work in Vietnam varies widely, such as starting as little as two week placements to longer term six month ones, all across a wide range of industries so you will never be short of finding a volunteering opportunity in your interest.