Voluntary work in Ukraine

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Ukraine

Despite being a large country in terms of size, the world knows little about Ukraine – apart from being the site of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. However, there is so much more to Ukraine than this! From the beaches and the beautiful Creimean Peninsula in the South all the way to the Carpathian Mountains in the West. Those who are bold enough to find and complete voluntary work in Ukraine will be glad they did!

Where to volunteer in Ukraine

Ukraine is a real hidden beauty in Eastern Europe, full of rolling hills and interesting individuals within an eclectic mix of cultures. The best places to find voluntary work in Ukraine is Kiev, Lviv and Odessa.

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine lies in the Northern central area on the Dnieper River and is a very popular location for volunteers interested in helping the youth. Also comprising of various UNESCO sites such as the St. Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra to the landmarks of the Mariyinsky Palace and the Golden Gate, therefore inviting tourists to the city.

Lviv is the tourist center and the most cultural area of Ukraine and lies in the West of the country. Many festivals, museums and theatres comprise the city’s feel, therefore if you decide to live here then you will live and breathe the artiness of this fine country. The city brings together levels of Polish, Austrian, Jewish, Hungarian and Armenian history which makes for extraordinary culinary delights and architectural sites that are sure to please.

Odessa is the seaport of Ukraine that lies on terraced hills in the South which overlook the coast of the Black Sea. Odessa is made up of pastel neoclassical buildings and Mediterranean-styled architecture.

Volunteering projects in Ukraine

You might think, how can I find voluntary work in Ukraine? You won’t be short of opportunities here, from healthcare to agriculture, you’re sure to find something within your interests! Here are the most popular volunteer projects:

Volunteering in an orphanage: This will provide you the opportunity to brighten children’s day and create an ambience of happiness, through leading activities such as sports, drama, dance and more. Volunteering in an orphanage will allow you to build confidence and social skills for both yourself and the children. You will be helping the local staff immensely with their day-to-day tasks and operations, all voluntary work in Ukraine will be a very rewarding experience.

Helping in Education: As you’re volunteering in Ukraine in education, you will be able to explore the culture with travelling part-time and teaching children part-time. In this placement, you will be opening doors for the lives of the children for their education and careers, either helping them learn English or general life skills.

Community Development: If you are interested in construction or the environment such as agriculture, you will be sure to find a project that wants you as a volunteer in Ukraine. This will give you the chance to work within a team of a non-profit organization, being able to help change the lives of others at the same time as making a global contribution that works towards peace with the locals.