Voluntary work in Thailand

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Thailand

Thailand, the incredible country which is much more than the full moon parties and Buddhist monasteries where they attract tourists. The kingdom; formerly called Siam, is one of the most culturally colorful locations in Southeast Asia. Thailand is a comfortable mix of developed nation and unexplored environment, voluntary work in Thailand mixes the sightseeing of some of the famous ruins of Ayutthaya with educational work in tribal villages, snorkeling off Koh Pi Pi or caring for native tiger cubs. From the islands down south to the mountains up north and the chaotic capital of Bangkok in between, individuals who volunteer in Thailand will have a vast number of opportunities to choose from.

Where to volunteer in Thailand

With Thailand’s gleaming temples, underground caves to its tropical forests and endless coastlines, the volume of geographical diversity will satisfy any individual looking for voluntary work in Thailand. The best places for volunteers to explore are Chiang Mai, Phuket and Bangkok.

Chaing Mai, this Northern city is a hub for tourists and expats, monks and musicians, refugees and aid workers, offering various urban scenery as well as a slew of proactive non-profit organizations. With the large volume of Burmese refugees and tribal peoples, voluntary work in Thailand quite often includes working with organizations which focus on human rights advocacy, education and women’s livelihood projects.

Being one of the largest islands off Thailand’s southeast coast, Phuket is a hotspot for world-class diving sites, pure white sandy beaches with limestone cliffs. Volunteers are always needed and play a large part of rebuilding infrastructure, assisting orphanages and protecting the remaining marine wildlife.

Bangkok has many infamous gems, from the floating markets to the kind locals and cheap street food and entertainment. Voluntary work here is usually found in youth development, education, healthcare and human rights advocacy, which address the needs of the city’s population of over six million.

Volunteering projects in Thailand

Thailand’s environment is fragile and many animal species suffer and starve for the attention of volunteers, along with the children and refugees also seeking assistance. Whether you are interested in helping people or the environment, you will find the right voluntary work in Thailand for you that will be the most rewarding experience.

Education: Voluntary work in Thailand is centered on education and can range from basic English teaching in schools all the way to higher education that may be subject specific. Before setting your heart on volunteering within education, you may want to initially check what qualifications are required, such as TEFL certifications, which will benefit you highly.

Refugee Assistance: Voluntary work in Thailand in the refugee sector may be more different to arrange, this is because Thailand supports temporary camps for ethnic refugees, although does not recognize their international United Nations status inside the country. However, volunteers are always needed within female rights, human trafficking and protection organizations, along with many other refugee groups, you just need to find the ones who want you.

Conservation & Environmental Protection: Both of these sectors are known to be popular for voluntary work in Thailand thanks to the nation’s unique yet endangered species. With forestry and elephant care becoming the two volunteer favorites. Thailand is making leaps towards environmental concern and education, with volunteers establishing conservation standards, monitoring wild species and working with villages on sustainability projects.