Voluntary work in Tanzania

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Tanzania

Tanzania, most famously known for the safaris through the lands of Serengeti, the hiking opportunities atop Mt Kilimanjaro, or lounging on the beach in Zanzibar. However, it is soon apparent that the real experience comes from greeting the bright smiling faces of the local children who rush to say hello and hug you. Voluntary work in Tanzania gives individuals the chance to not only visit a world class tourist country, experience the incredible new culture and dive into a new way of living, but also learn a new language, a new way of living, a new appreciation of food and clean water, all while making a huge difference in a community in need.

Where to volunteer in Tanzania

Located in the far east of Africa, Tanzania has a population of nearly 50 million citizens with a mix of numerous ethnic groups. Tanzania is surrounded by beautiful coastlines with white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, with the benefit of many national parks to explore. From the largest city of Dar es Salam to the most well-known tourist hub of Arusha to the island of Zanzibar and everything in between, Tanzania has no shortage of people in need.

More than 80% of Tanzania’s population live in rural towns with the unemployment rate not much lower than this too. The Arusha region is the center of the northern Tanzania safari route with a population of over 1.5 million people. Voluntary work in Arusha will be very hustle and bustle, you do not need to travel very far to come across many Maasai warriors, herding their cattle with a stick in hand, with the Maasai women making crafts in their grass thatched huts.

When looking for voluntary work in Tanzania, it is not actually where to start your volunteer efforts but when. Every single volunteer in Tanzania will make a difference and have a very rewarding experience, whether it’s providing education or insight into a new language, showing care, love or affection, or even providing others with the inspiration to volunteer too.

Volunteering projects in Tanzania

Finding voluntary work in Tanzania really depends on your own passions, goals and qualifications, there are plenty of opportunities for volunteers here. Volunteer opportunities may include placements in teaching and education, childcare, construction and community work, women’s education, and medical or health care – there is something to suit everyone’s passion. Each volunteer program in Tanzania will provide a range of various opportunities for you to choose from, depending on the needs of the locals.

Individuals with teaching qualifications will strive in Tanzania, the knowledge of how to promote learning new languages or even just a passion to educate is highly appreciated within the country, whilst also greatly benefiting communities. Volunteering within teaching in Tanzania is mainly at public schools, where there is an abundance of eager-to-learn children that attend classes each day.

Due to the high rates of HIV/AIDS and many other illnesses within African countries, there are sadly a large number of children left orphaned in Tanzania, or even in awful situations where parents cannot provide for them. Although, given the family oriented culture of Tanzania, orphaned and abandoned children tend to be taken in by extended family or neighbors, yet levels of education, interaction and food are still limited. Individuals who wish to seek voluntary work in Tanzania can volunteer at orphanages in Tanzania need to be friendly and eager to learn, where the days are filled with supporting the infants with their daily routines and keeping them happy, overall it is a very rewarding experience.