Voluntary work in Swaziland

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Swaziland

Swaziland, a landlocked country in the South of Africa, also now known as the Kingdom of Eswantini since its name change in 2018. The small country has some of the most interesting, African traditions, festivals and their 1 million population residents are the most friendly and laid back in all of Africa. Comprised by a stable history and peaceful reputation overall, Swaziland is unfortunately affected by one of the world’s highest HIV infection rates as well as unemployment rates. Voluntary work in Swaziland allow individuals to contribute to rewarding and highly important projects, giving them experiences that will have lasting impacts on the local communities as well as the country’s environment, economy and future.

Where to volunteer in Swaziland

Swaziland is known as one of the smallest countries in the Southern Hemisphere, lying between Mozambique and South Africa. Swaziland is full of cultural African traditions and benefits from natural beauty, therefore it is not surprising that the country is filled with various national parks and nature reserves, especially for such a small country. However, Swaziland also struggles from being affected by societal issues, such as high unemployment rates and a weak government, although this means that volunteers are required for community support.

Ezulwini Valley, known as “The valley of heaven” is located in the Northwest of Swaziland and is one of the busiest areas in terms of tourism. Voluntary work in Swaziland is popular here as opportunities in the Ezulwini Valley are focused on tourism practices, hospitality and conservation. Whereas Lobamba, the capital of the country, is also popular for volunteers due to the increased volume of opportunities within these sectors.

Due to the country’s weak national government, many rural communities are less likely to receive any governmental support, which leads to higher unemployment rates, but more importantly extreme poverty. At the same time as this, there are also several nature reserves and national parks within these rural areas of Swaziland, where many endangered species are given great care and is the focus of the nations preservation efforts, and they are more than welcoming to volunteers on a yearly basis.

Volunteering projects in Swaziland

Voluntary work in Swaziland includes a wide range of different opportunities, so no matter if your interests lie in conservation, education, community development – there is an option that suits you. It is not about where you choose to volunteer as all voluntary work in Swaziland will provide individuals with a rewarding experience and the chance to impact other lives and also their own.

Conservation: Voluntary work in Swaziland within the construction sector is popular through the country’s national parks and nature reserves, allowing individuals interested in acts such as wildlife preservation the change to gain hands-on experience with wildlife fieldwork with professionals. Volunteers will be able to contribute to the preservation and conservation of many endangered animals which are completely unique to Swaziland.

Community Service: Within this sector, volunteers are likely to work with local organizations to build a better future for both families and individually the children who live in less privileged communities. Voluntary work may include projects ranging from construction of schools or homes, helping in orphanages or the elderly, or providing healthcare services to communities in need. If you are a volunteer looking for the most rewarding experience and want to make a difference in social challenges, community service volunteer work is for you.

Education: Volunteering as a teacher in Swaziland allow individuals to work and assist children from low-income areas or who have limited access to education. Schools within the country are often overcrowded and lack funding, therefore are in need of volunteers year round to help teachers within a range of subjects.