Voluntary work in Sri Lanka

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a developing island off the coast of Southern India and is the perfect location for volunteers looking to work outdoors. Sri Lanka has a deep history in civil wars and the disaster tsunami in 2004, although these past times create the voluntary work opportunities. Made up of beaches and palm trees, the teardrop shaped tropical island offers voluntary opportunities from teaching in schools, to conservation projects all the way to health care work. Sri Lanka may only be 25,000 square miles, but those who choose to complete voluntary work in Sri Lanka will be able to enjoy the beach, the rainforest and visit incredible animal sanctuaries.

Where to volunteer in Sri Lanka

Overall, Sri Lanka entices many volunteers every year, where the most popular placement locations are Colombo, Galle and Kandy.

Colombo – this is Sri Lanka’s capital and largest city, full of traditional Hindu temples mixed with a modern urban atmosphere. Colombo has a large harbor where the Port city serves as a hub for both politics and everything financial in Sri Lanka. Those who choose to volunteer in Colombo will be able to embrace the contrast between the lifestyles of the local people who enjoy a rich colonial life living in mansions, and the slums that surround these. Common volunteer placements in Colombo are in teaching and health care work.

Kandy is located inland amidst mountains, this city is a key location for voluntary work in Sri Lanka, mainly revolving around conservation efforts for various animals. Volunteers here are able to visit the various Buddhist temples on their time off, along with the beautiful gardens and parks scattered around the city.

Galle is a city colonized by the Dutch and features a large fortress. The city is known to be another hot spot for voluntary work in Sri Lanka, particularly those who wish to work within healthcare or children. Voluntary work in orphanages is also quite popular, allowing the individual to take part and help in all aspects of everyday operations.

Volunteering projects in Sri Lanka

Voluntary work in Sri Lanka involves a wide range of opportunities. Known for its wildlife, most popular placements for volunteering do involve working with animals, especially elephants as they are in danger in Sri Lanka due to poaching activities, therefore volunteers are able to help in elephant rescue efforts. Child and elderly care is also popular, along with a range of other voluntary medical placements. Along with opportunities to teach English in Sri Lanka, to either children or schools or even adults. Voluntary work in Sri Lanka can last from anywhere from one week to more than six weeks, all dependent on the program you choose or how long you wish to stay.