Voluntary work in Singapore

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Singapore

Singapore is more than often referred to as the most influential city in all of Asia due to its high ratings in human development and powerful ties in international trade. Singapore does not get enough credit for its rapid development since gaining independence in 1963, yet it still has its share of internal challenges to be met. Voluntary work in Singapore allows individuals to experience this first hand.

Where to volunteer in Singapore

Since 1963, Singapore has developed into one of the most influential cities on the planet in regards to international trade, economic freedom and human capital. Within the city itself, Singapore also enjoys very high quality education, very low corruption and an overall superior quality of life for its residents.

The population of Singapore is over 5 million, making it the third most densely populated city in the world. When completing voluntary work in Singapore, you should take advantage of your placement and explore as much of this incredible country as possible.

Singapore is a very unique country due to the number of different cultures that create the modern day Singaporean culture. There are hints of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures among the locals but there are also many foreigners present either for business, simple visiting or for volunteering purposes. The country is made up of many diverse restaurants, huge shopping districts, expansive performing art venues and many other avenues that you can immerse yourself within. Singapore is an incredibly diverse and cosmopolitan city, so be prepared to be exposed to a unique array of global cultures whilst completing your voluntary work in Singapore.

Volunteering projects in Singapore

Singapore has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, therefore is also one of the most popular places to volunteer in the region of Southeast Asia. Even though there is a height of wealth within the country, there is of course still a number of issues which require the hard work of volunteers. For example voluntary placements in sectors such as healthcare, education and disability issues are all popular in Singapore, which all allow the opportunity to bring valuable resources to underserved sectors of the populations.

Voluntary work in Singapore is also popular in the fields of environmental sustainability. Singapore is known to be one of the best global models for environmental responsibility, as they set side nearly 10% of the overall land for public parks and nature reserves, whilst also devoting a significant proportion of its resources for urban greening efforts. Projects to volunteer in areas such as organic farming, tree planting and wildlife surveying are also popular.