Voluntary work in Philippines

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Philippines

“It’s more fun in the Philippines” – a slogan that you will see everywhere, from when you land at the airport until you leave. You may first question this statement and wonder why this Southeast Asian island country can make such a large claim about itself, but you will soon understand why it does. The locals in the Philippines are some of the friendliest in the world and will always be welcoming to tourists and volunteers, and no matter where you are situated, you are never far from the beach, who could complain about that? The Philippines has a total of around 7,000 interesting islands which allow people to visit and explore. The Philippines is sure to meet your adventure dreams and give you the best volunteering opportunity.

Where to volunteer in Philippines

With a large option of islands, it is best to start with finding where you want to find voluntary work in the Philippines. Some of the best islands for volunteers in the Philippines are Luzon, Manila, Cebu Island and City, Leyte Island and Tacloban City.

Luzon is the main island in the North of the Philippines, with the largest size and biggest population. Luzon is where you will find Manila, the capital city and the economic hub of the Philippines. Manila is a city where volunteers will endure many different cultures and a deep history whilst also enjoy the unique, quirky restaurants and clubs of Bonifacio Global City.

Cebu Island is the home to Cebu City, the oldest city in the Philippines. Voluntary work in Cebu offers a range of opportunities while individuals can gain the chance to explore the Spanish colonial architecture and artifacts of the city, or islanding hopping to the enchanting hills of Bohol island or their days off.

Leyte Island is where you will find Tacloban City, one of the fastest growing cities in the Philippines and the largest city in the Eastern region. Volunteering opportunities range from working with and caring for children, to protecting the islands environment.

Volunteering projects in Philippines

Voluntary work in the Philippines is popular due to the range of opportunities over the whole island nation, all in which volunteers can make a positive difference. The Philippines struggle with inequality in economic distribution while also frequently facing typhoons and tsunamis, therefore there is high demand for volunteers.

Teaching English: Even though English is one of the Philippines’ official languages, many parts of the country still lack in English teachers. There is an abundance of opportunities within the education sector, so if this is your interest you just need to choose an island and come and help make a difference to people’s lives.

Community Development: As the Philippines’ population and economy are constantly developing and growing, the country requires help developing its communities. This can involve volunteering opportunities such as helping to build houses and schools, coaching children’s sports teams or working in medical facilities. Helping with community developing while volunteering abroad in the Philippines is a popular choice over the country.

Conservation: The Philippines is a mego-biodiverse country, therefore there is a huge range of conservation projects to get involved in. These volunteering projects can include things such as coral research all the way to helping within renewable energy.