Voluntary work in Peru

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Peru

Peru is a country where voluntary work opportunities are endless, from deep within the Amazon jungle all the way to the snow tipped mountains and blue glacier lakes of Huaraz. Individuals who wish to complete voluntary work in Peru will be welcomed from the locals with open arms, Peru locals will return the favors with generous offers and friendly faces. Peru is home to some of the most renowned archaeological remains in the world, therefore individuals who volunteer abroad in Peru will have so many sights to see.

Where to volunteer in Peru

During the early months of 2017, Peru was faced with immense flooding, making hundreds of families homeless and leading to numerous other major issues. As this tragic flooding continues in parts of the country, voluntary work in Peru varies widely on the location and types of organizations.

Known as the red roofed city, Cusco was once the capital of the Incan Empire and has gained its modern fame as a gateway to Machu Picchu, as there are multiple Incan Trails that lead from Cusco to the famous mountain ruins. The charming city also has easy access to several ancient ruins and green valleys. Voluntary work here allows individuals to explore out with the city but also the city itself, including military fortresses and ancient Incan architecture on every corner. While volunteering here, individuals will see many foreigners, so if you are looking for somewhere more off the beaten path with only Peruvians, then Cusco is not the place for your voluntary work in Peru!

Lima is a bustling city in which provides plenty of volunteer opportunities. The city as a whole has developed quickly over the last two decades with its ever-growing population. This quick growth of the city resulted in disorganized as Lima expanded, volunteering opportunities often rise in the shanty towns, which may seem a million miles away as many lack any real structure and schools are often simply shacks with tin roofs. Schools mainly require volunteers to help with playground repairs, painting rooms, supervising children and helping teachers with educational assistance within the community.

Rural areas are popular for voluntary work in Peru, such as smaller cities like Chiclayo on the Western Coast or The White City of Arequipa, both offering ample volunteering opportunities. Volunteers in Peru can choose between extremely secluded villages in the Amazon or mid sized towns.

Volunteering projects in Peru

Peru faces various social issues along with the extensive flooding, with around 15% of the population lives in poverty and the fact that classism thrives. These social issues lead to a range of complex needs and highly impactful voluntary work in Peru.

Community Development & Education: These are the most prevalent voluntary work in Peru, ranging from teaching English and clean water projects, to city clean ups and construction work. Many individuals living in rural areas are in need of better educational opportunities and community projects that can ease the difficulty of daily life.

Healthcare: The level of access to health care varies widely throughout the country, making medical voluntary work in Peru a high demand placement. In more rural areas of Peru, disease prevention is almost nonexistent, and what developed countries would consider simple procedures are much more serious and life threatening. Individuals looking for voluntary work in Peru within healthcare will have a range of options, yet some require the Spanish language.

Environment & Conservation: Peru has a very diverse geography and the vast Amazon Rainforest makes the country a prime location for voluntary work in environmental and conservation projects. These projects are very hands on for those who love the outdoors.