Voluntary work in Nigeria

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Nigeria

Nigeria is the most populous nation on the continent – in which clearly dominates the region! Nigeria is a highly influential country in Africa, using its rich mineral resources, productive agriculture and enterprising population. With various incredible ancient sites, extensive national parks and miles of beautiful coastline – creating an ideal travel destination and endless opportunities for voluntary work in Nigeria.

Where to volunteer in Nigeria

In spite of Nigeria’s natural wealth, most of the volunteering opportunities arise with the social issues that are present within the country. Nigeria is commonly referred to as “the giant of Africa” due to being one of the most populous countries on the continent of Africa, with over 170 million residents.

Nigeria is located in West Africa and is bordered by Niger, Cameroon, Chad and Benin. The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos, with an estimated population of almost eight million. The nation is overflowing with a range of diverse ethnicities and is home to over 250 ethnic groups all varying in customs and languages. Nigeria welcomes volunteers with open arms in every city, town or sector, the more help the better!

Volunteering projects in Nigeria

Despite Nigeria’s relatively successful economy, the country, like many others, the country continues to battle major social problems, such as poverty and AIDS. Voluntary work in Nigeria offers a great starting point for exploring Africa and provides many rewarding opportunities, such as contributing to projects that address the nation’s issues. There are many program providers within the country who are all well established and reputable programs for international volunteers, with voluntary work in both rural areas and the main cities.

Healthcare: Nigeria has a relatively strong economy, although the state and local governments in rural areas are much more absent compared to those in cities. Overall in rural areas, there are few hospitals and many clinics are under-staffed, therefore volunteers are very appreciated within the healthcare sector in Nigeria. Projects that allow volunteers to get hands on such as administrator basic vaccines and assisting clinics are popular due to it being a rewarding form of voluntary work in Nigeria.

Community Development: Nigeria sadly suffers from income inequality, limited AIDS education, poor children and many other social issues that affect community development levels all around the country. Volunteers who gain the opportunity to work within a small community to get involved with projects to build and enhance communities will have a very rewarding and worthwhile experience.