Voluntary work in New Zealand

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in New Zealand

Incredible national parks, dynamic, friendly locals and world-class surfing and skiing, we know you’re dreaming about New Zealand! New Zealand is a country that can either be mellow or action-packed, yet no matter what – it is epic. New Zealand has been enticing backpackers, travelers, volunteers and holiday goers for decades. Whether you are looking for the perfect reason to justify a trip, or looking to travel more meaningfully, voluntary work in New Zealand is a great way to start your adventure!

Where to volunteer in New Zealand

It may be hard to go wrong when volunteering in New Zealand, when the whole country satisfies the eye with its beauty. New Zealand is made up of two major cities, the North Island and the South Island, along with small scattered islands near and far.

Auckland is the country’s main international gateway and is the first stop for many volunteers on their New Zealand adventure. The city is New Zealand’s largest city, surrounded by ancient volcanoes and boating urban flare and the Maori culture. Auckland is a breathtaking city, no matter which volunteer program individuals may choose, they will always be able to visit chic, unique neighborhoods, museums and visit popular surf spots at the weekend.

Other than Auckland, at the other end of the North Island and just a ferry away from the South Island, Wellington is ideally situated for taking in the country’s resplendence, and the capital city is an ideal starting point for any day trips or big moves. The South Island of New Zealand only has a fraction of the population of the North Island, yet has no shortage of pastoral towns, and at the center of them all in Christchurch. Christchurch is a resilient city that is comprised of beautiful architecture and world-renowned street art, therefore is perfect for volunteers or travelers looking to move to New Zealand.

No matter what, during your voluntary work in New Zealand, individuals are sure to dive into the local community to experience the real kiwi lifestyle. New Zealand is the kind of country that could take a lifetime to explore, therefore mix up your everyday life to get the best experience, just get out and explore the country, it will be worth it!

Volunteering projects in New Zealand

Voluntary work in New Zealand is easy to find due to the laid-back culture of the country offering an array of cultural, educational and social programs.

Popular volunteer opportunities in New Zealand involve biodiversity and geography projects due to the scale of beautiful landscape. From the incredible national parks to the snow-capped mountain ranges, there are almost limitless opportunities for voluntary work in New Zealand with conservation projects, allowing individuals to get innovative and hand-ons experience in almost any ecosystem. Projects can include environmental education, reforestation and habitat conservation.

For those looking to experience nature in a more pastoral way in order to help New Zealand to become more sustainable, there are also endless opportunities for agricultural voluntary work in New Zealand. However, if you are more into looking for voluntary work in New Zealand within cities, don’t worry, there are still so many options! Volunteers in New Zealand can get involved in community and economic development or public health and education.