Voluntary work in Nepal

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Nepal

Your journey of a lifetime awaits you in the trekkers paradise. Nepal combines Himalayan views, golden temples and jungle wildlife to provide the world’s greatest travel destinations. From the towering peaks of Mount Everest to the glimmering lakes below, Nepal encompasses one of the most geographically magnificent locations in the world, those who choose to complete voluntary work here will be sure to have an incredibly fulfilling adventure.

Where to volunteer in Nepal

The capital city of Nepal is Kathmandu, which is also the largest city in the country. Kathmandu boasts the most spectacular infrastructure in the country and acts as its main commercial, economic and political hub. Also being the most popular and most visited destination in Nepal by tourists, the community is thriving which means volunteers will feel comfortably at home. Kathmandu has welcoming locals, amazing temples and deep, fascinating history – all of which make Kathmandu a great place to find voluntary work in Nepal.

While no other city comes close to Kathmandu in terms of the number of visiting tourists or the size of the city, other popular locations for voluntary work in Nepal in more urban areas are Pokhora, Biratnager and Bhaktapur. Although these cities may have limited tourist attractions compared to the capital, these smaller cities can be very stimulating for volunteers. Those looking for voluntary work in Nepal in terms of a more culturally immersive experience and looking to be further away from the main city, could fit in one of these.

Most voluntary work in Nepal involve organizations placing volunteers in rural areas, where these volunteers will often stay in a smaller town or village, away from the hustle of urban life and city life. Most of Nepal’s 27 million residents actually live in these rural areas, which means that volunteers who gain the opportunity to live and work in these areas will be immersed with locals and have exposure to what day to day life is actually like for Nepalese people.

Volunteering projects in Nepal

Although Nepal thrives in various sectors, they are sadly affected by poverty in many areas, meaning that much voluntary work in Nepal involve working with local or international organizations who are mainly focused on community development. Daily tasks of volunteers is known to vary between urban and rural environments, although popular sectors to find volunteering opportunities are in the fields of education, healthcare and environmental conservation.

Health Care: Voluntary work in Nepal in the healthcare sector offers either volunteering in an existing health clinic, in either a larger city or a small village, or working in a medical relief clinic or camp, usually set up by local NGOs or an international volunteer organization. There is a constant need for health care workers in Nepal, therefore clinics and those who work there are very welcoming to volunteers.

Education: Voluntary work in Nepal in education allows volunteers to work as teaching assistants in rural village schools, teaching students basic skills or helping them with their English skills. Volunteers should be prepared that schools are most open run down, with little materials with children lacking meals and concentration. Although it may be a tough experience, volunteers will be very rewarded as they can see the children improving.

Voluntary work in Nepal is also popular in the environmental sector, such as conservation and wildlife protection efforts. Many adventure or ecotourism volunteer projects in Nepal give participants the opportunity to explore and work within the beauty of the Himalayas, providing the chance to positively contribute to the environment.