Voluntary work in Mozambique

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country beckoned with a winding coast all the way to the grasslands in the East to the mountains in the West. Mozambique is known for its relaxed and friendly locals, artistic culture and traditions and its opportunities for adventure. This enigmatic Southeast African country may be well off most travelers maps… but considering its past and current stability, voluntary work in Mozambique provides great opportunities for individuals to impact the nations future.

Where to volunteer in Mozambique

Voluntary work in Mozambique is available in various cities and towns, with many surrounding the beautiful coastlines. Regardless of whether the volunteer chooses a project in a big city, small town or rural village, there will always be a number of projects to choose from.

Maputo is the most developed city in Mozambique. The city was once involved with plans to improve its infrastructure, but due to the lack of funding, the plans have yet to be completed. The city is influenced by both the Portuguese and Bantu culture, but is also influenced by multiple Arab nations, Indians and Chinese. An integral part of the country as its capital city, Maputo is home to the largest volume of voluntary work in Mozambique and still provides the volunteers with exposure to the relaxed and vibrant culture.

Inhambane is a popular choice for voluntary work in Mozambique, especially for those who are outdoorsy and love nature, with Bazaruto National Park and Guinjata Bay are within easy access. With a huge range of volunteering opportunities such as scuba diving, this is the perfect place for volunteers looking for a real adventure.

Rural areas. Voluntary work in Mozambique usually revolves around projects that focus on social issues such as poverty and community development. Poverty levels are at its highest within Mozambique’s rural areas, with many families lacking access to sanitation, clean water and education. On top of these issues, rural areas are also most susceptible to natural disasters, such as floods or droughts, further increasing the need for volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering projects in Mozambique

The range of available voluntary work in Mozambique is huge, and whether you are interested in health care, the environment, or community development, there will be an opportunity for you to make a difference in people’s lives, whilst also being able to reflect on your own life too.

Health care: The biggest form of healthcare in Mozambique is orphan care. Many organizations in Mozambique strives to help orphaned children who suffer from various societal issues and health problems. It has been estimated that over 600,000 children are orphaned in Mozambique because of societal problems, including high levels of HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. Volunteers who are involved with orphan care projects will be able to form close bonds with the children affected, they will be able to see them grow and help them with the ways of life.

Marine Conservation: Mozambique is known for its huge, sandy coach and marine life. The country is known for its huge number of sharks and various marine life animals such as stingrays and turtles. Those who choose to volunteer with marine conservationists will gain the chance to get close to these amazing creatures, whether its collecting data, assisting with research or even taking underwater photos.

Community Development: Voluntary work in Mozambique is also very popular in projects regarding local communities, such as sustainability and aid programs. Teaching voluntary placements are also always in need of volunteers year round in Mozambique, volunteers can be involved in either educating the public on environmental issues, HIV/AIDS awareness or teaching English.