Voluntary work in Malaysia

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Malaysia

Malaysia is known as a small but vibrant country in the heart of Southeast Asia, including a huge diversity and contrast of cultures in one place. Malaysia is made up of dynamic cities, national parks and rainforests with the added benefits of incredible cuisine, beautiful beaches and many idyllic islands. With its diverse environment, voluntary work in Malaysia allows individuals to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Where to volunteer in Malaysia

Voluntary work in Malaysia ranges from projects in wildlife to teaching English in urban cities, individuals benefit by volunteering here as the size and location of Malaysia makes it the perfect place for travelling and exploring the rest of Southeast Asia and the wonders involved. Malaysia consists of two land masses separated by the South China Sea, where Peninsular or West Malaysia is linked to Thailand in the North and East Malaysia across the sea on Borneo Island.

The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur, which can be found in the peninsula of Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur is made up of remarkable skylines, known for its vibrant city features and endless shopping opportunities. The city embraces its historic Asian and exotic characteristics whilst also interpreting modern personalities into the mix.

On the other side of the country, Malaysian Borneo or East Malaysia is isolated to the island of Borneo. This island is separated into three sections: Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. Borneo is the perfect place for those looking for voluntary work in Malaysia where there are dense rainforests and pristine waters, the island has a laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, and is also internationally renowned for its diving opportunities. Borneo is the best location for volunteers who love nature and animals!

Voluntary work in Malaysia may also lead individuals to beautiful cities such as Malacca or George Town on the island of Penang, in which are both known and recognized for being heritage sites and offer various volunteering opportunities! Other opportunities also arise for nature lovers in incredible locations such as the jungle surroundings of Taman Negara.

Volunteering projects in Malaysia

Opportunities for voluntary work in Malaysia are as diverse as Malaysia itself. Popular volunteering opportunities include wildlife projects, marine conservation and education, volunteers most often work with nonprofit organizations dedicated to these sectors.

Animal Welfare: Wildlife voluntary work in Malaysia ranges for species and in projects, examples including conserving endangered the sun bear population or protecting the jungles orangutans. Malaysia is the perfect place for volunteers who have a deep interest in nature and animals.

Marine Conservation: For the volunteers who are more into the ocean and the life beneath, voluntary work in Malaysia offers many focused marine conservation projects, for example to help conserve and protect endangered turtles, or conducting research.

Education: Over the past decade, the Malaysian government is focusing more on their emphasis on teaching English in the country, which means there are various volunteering opportunities for those wishing to teach English. These volunteering teaching opportunities can range hugely, such as teaching adults or children in schools, and can be based in either urban or rural areas. Teaching English is a very rewarding experience, as you will be able to help others with their future careers and lives whilst also exploring the Malaysian culture and teaching yourself new skills.