Voluntary work in Madagascar

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Madagascar

Madagascar is the perfect location for those enthusiastic about nature and the outdoors – while having the fun is actually getting to all of the incredible attractions! Madagascar is a mystery country to most foreigners, from the lemurs, baobabs, rainforests, deserts and exclusive assortment of plants, animals and native, it really is an epitome of biodiversity and is like no other. Voluntary work in Madagascar provides volunteers with an extraordinary experience that will change their lives for the better!

Where to volunteer in Madagascar

Voluntary work in Madagascar provides the ultimate journey for adventure lovers, the fun locations include:

Nosy Be is Madagascar’s number-one beach destination and endures year-round sun! This is paradise for the volunteers with a passion for water-based activities, including incredible diving opportunities as well as swimming, snorkeling and sailing.

Fort Dauphin is located between the sea and the mountains, a perfect gateway to the tropical paradise. The route to Fort Dauphin takes you through an adventure itself through the jungles, volunteers are free to spend their spare time relaxing on the beach or searching for lemurs.

Antananarivo, this is the capital city of Madagascar and comprises most of the country’s history and culture, along with the famous wildlife. Antananarivo is an amazing location to explore as its full of beautiful colonial buildings and small unique markets with many souvenirs.

Volunteering projects in Madagascar

Voluntary work in Madagascar is very varied and there are projects suitable for all interests. Popular volunteering opportunities include conservation efforts. Around 90% of Madagascar’s environment are endemic, meaning they can not be found anywhere else in the world. Madagascar is threatened by poaching, harvesting and the destruction of forests for farming and charcoal, therefore these biological blessings are always in need of volunteers to help. Volunteers are needed to help protect the environment and endangered wildlife.

Community development is also important to the natives and makes it a popular form of voluntary work in Madagascar. Around 80% of Madagascar’s population live in poverty and the majority of residents struggle to gain access to clean, running water and reliable electricity. This creates various volunteering opportunities to support communities in gaining essential needs, also providing voluntary options to be involved in construction and agriculture projects.