Voluntary work in Kenya

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Kenya

When tourists think of Africa, they are normally just thinking about Kenya. Famous for The Lion King, Simba’s kingdom is home to spectacular national parks and reserves and the most diverse landscapes in the world, filled with deserts, white sand beaches and snow-capped mountains. Kenya as a whole is an incredible mix of rare wildlife species and picturesque views. Voluntary work in Kenya allows individuals to embrace the African culture first hand and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Where to volunteer in Kenya

Voluntary work in Kenya are available in both urban and rural areas of the country, although the cities are much more known to offer volunteering placements as there are many more non-profit organizations present. Whereas on the other hand, for volunteers looking to work closely with nature and the African wildlife, they are better looking for voluntary work in the rural areas.

Even though this is the capital of Kenya, over half of Nairobi’s population live in slums, the locals struggle with all sorts of social and economic problems, such as the lack of clean water and the limited education sources. Volunteers looking to make a real change should look into the NGOs who work with Nairobi as they appreciate extra help all year round. These volunteers will gain the opportunity to work closely with local community members and work in development projects that can make real changes and help the lives of others, whilst also being able to visit or work in the incredible Nairobi National Park!

Mombasa is another city in Kenya who suffers from various social problems, which makes it a popular location for Voluntary work in Kenya. The city offers a very relaxed environment and atmosphere as it is located along the palm-fringed coastline of the Indian Ocean. Volunteers can spend their time off in one of the protected marine parks and reserves and get involved in any of the water activities.

For the volunteers who love the outdoors and are nature oriented, there are many volunteering opportunities in the rural areas of Kenya as well. Both Kenya’s beautiful landscapes and diverse wildlife entices tourists to the country, however in order to conserve these, volunteers are needed. The locals in Kenya appreciate the work of the volunteers and are always welcoming.

Volunteering projects in Kenya

Kenya offers a huge variety of voluntary work opportunities, depending on what kind of adventure the volunteer is seeking!

Popular voluntary work in Kenya involves conservation or wildlife research projects. These volunteers are required to be fearless and willing to participate in work close to wildlife animals such as lions. Kenya aims to educate the community on sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, therefore many voluntary environmental projects exist because of this need.

Throughout the country, towns and cities in Kenya suffer from a lack of education priority. This includes limited resources, overcrowding of schools and limited qualified teachers. Kenya as a whole is in need of teaching volunteers to educate both children and adults, in terms of teaching them English and teaching them required skills.

Kenya also suffers highly from the infection of HIV/AIDS and many other serious health issues. Healthcare volunteers are the most appreciated all year round, offering opportunities for volunteers to impact the lives of locals and gain valuable experience for themselves.