Voluntary work in Greece

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Greece

Voluntary work in Greece shows the roots of Western culture; the birthplace of the Olympics, the home to ancient outdoor theatres and monasteries pinpoint Greece as the nucleus of modern day traditions. The Greeks are passionate and resilient following the suffering experienced during the financial crisis in 2009 when protests riddled the cities due to economic budget cuts. Many communities are still suffering the consequences, resulting in the need for international volunteers in Greece, who are capable of assisting in the reconstruction of the nation’s economy by investing in conservation of the natural environment.

Where to volunteer in Greece

Most voluntary work in Greece is located in the more populated cities; Athens offers both the opportunity to help underdeveloped communities whilst basking in the beautiful views the city has to offer. Volunteers will be immersed in the cultural and social life of the Greek capital, in and around the landmarks that are centuries old. The incredible architecture provides a stunning backdrop for the mythology, and drama, and philosophy that engulfs the city; the awe inspiring Acropolis is visible from almost every part of the city, and creates the central monument which modern day life in Athena still revolves around. The magnificent architecture is rivalled only by the stunning beaches just beyond Athens, meaning you will struggle to decide how to split your free time between all the spectacular spots!

Thessaloniki is the country’s second city, that offers just as many voluntary work in Greece opportunities as its better known counterpart. The sprawling city is full of diverse neighborhoods, home to the Arch of Galerius, a 4th-century monument, a revamped waterfront and energetic nightlife. There is also the opportunity for voluntary work in Greece’s rural areas; remote villages such as Prespes and Dikella often house environmental conservation projects that the bigger cities lack, where volunteers are better able to invest in conservation of the natural environment.

Volunteering projects in Greece

A popular field of voluntary work in Greece is environmental conservation, which needs tackling due to the lack of policy implementation. Volunteers will be responsible for contributing toward the implementation and continuation of conservation and environmental measures. The marine landscape is the focus of these environmental conservation programs, as protections and cleanups are required due to its popularity amongst tourists. Conservation voluntary work in Greece is also required to control and prevent forest fires that frequently occur in the summertime, as well as reforestation efforts in the affected areas.

Voluntary work in Greece can also include organic farming and agro-tourism projects, which are a great way to help local farmers and increase tourists’ knowledge about organic farming practices. Volunteering in Greece can also include community development and education programs, as volunteers promote awareness and education to communities on ways they can reduce their impact on the environment. Voluntary work in Greece can also include teaching English, to both adults and children.