Voluntary work in Ghana

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Ghana

West Africa’s golden child, the upbeat energy, fast-paced development, stable democracy, and place in the sun makes voluntary work in Ghana as fun as it is beneficial. One of Africa’s great success stories, volunteering in Ghana will open your eyes to a gem of a country, as you are sure to be captivated by the vibrant cities, coastal beaches, African wildlife, and historically rich culture. An amazing energy radiates throughout Ghana, and those who volunteer will be sure to have a blast, as well as having a positive impact on the lives of the friendly locals.

Where to volunteer in Ghana

Ghana’s landscape showcases the country’s diversity, from the people and cultural influences to the contrasting landscapes with a combination of big cities and beautiful coasts. Accra is the heart of the country, with hot sticky streets, lively markets and masses of shops and restaurants. Hop in a tro-tro, a 12-seat mini-van crammed with passengers, for a genuine experience of the capital, to check out the full expanse of good shopping, excellent nightlife and the best selection of eating options during your voluntary work in Ghana.

The Cape Coast offers voluntary work in Ghana that allows volunteers to experience the rich history of the nation, as the former European colonial capital of Ghana, and once the largest slave-trading center in West Africa. In the present, Cape Coast is a fishing town with an easy-going attitude, with beaches that offer the chance to try your hand at surfing, or relax after a long day volunteering. Kumasi is Ghana’s second city, still packed with Ashanti traditions shining through the huge Kejetia market. The semi-tropical climate has earned Kumasi the nickname the “Garden City” because of the beautiful plant life that it produces.

Volunteering projects in Ghana

Voluntary work in Ghana often includes medical volunteers can lend a hand in local hospitals and clinics, as many poverty-stricken areas of the country lack clean water and access to basic healthcare. Those pursuing a medical career should consider volunteering in Northern Ghana working alongside doctors and nurses, and those already qualified will find voluntary work including full days in hospitals, and educating communities about health and hygiene.

Voluntary work in Ghana can also include assisting with childcare in orphanages, playing and teaching the children, cleaning the orphanages and helping with homework after school. Although Ghana is an English-speaking country, many children lack the ability to communicate effectively in English, meaning teaching English in both rural and urban areas and educating children and adults alike is a great way you can help through voluntary work in Ghana. Teaching volunteers will have the option to teach solo, with other volunteers, or assist local staff in open-air classrooms, and since most schools do not have teaching materials, volunteers will have the opportunity to be creative when teaching music, math, art, and geography.

Voluntary work in Ghana can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, however some placements do require a minimum of a month, such as healthcare voluntary work.