Voluntary work in Fiji

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Fiji

Glowing white sands lined with palm trees and waters a perfect shade of blue, voluntary work in Fiji means enjoying a tropical paradise whilst contributing to a developing nation. 1,500 miles northeast of New Zealand, Fiji features a cluster of picturesque 332 islands, colored reefs and more than 1500 underwater species, making it a beautiful location to volunteer abroad. Fijians are famous for their hospitality and warmth making Fiji a place volunteers may never want to leave.

Where to volunteer in Fiji

There are 332 islands in the nation, but a few stand out as having the best options for voluntary work in Fiji. Suva is the largest cosmopolitan city in Fiji, a lush green city on a hilly peninsula home to half of the country’s urban population and the largest city in the South Pacific. With a vibrant cultural scene and a pretty consistent rainy season, voluntary work in Fiji’s capital primarily features educational roles, health initiatives and development, journalism, and tourism.

Another great location for voluntary work in Fiji is the Yasawa Islands; consisting of six main islands and many other smaller destinations, the Yasawa Islands only opened to land tourism in 1987, making it a new but rapidly growing industry. Diving is infamously one of the most popular areas of interest for tourists in this destination, so there are plenty of volunteer placements in Fiji for those who have diving experience and open water certification. Volunteers may be required to assist tourists with dives or explore the underwater world of diverse aquatic life in their volunteer placements, making it a great opportunity for volunteers interested in ecological systems and wildlife.

Nadi is the home to the largest international airport in Fiji, and is therefore the point of entrance for most international travelers, meaning there are plenty of chances for voluntary work here, as due to the influx of tourists moving in and out of the city, there are a number of outdoor activities. Consequently, there are many opportunities to volunteer in Nadi as an activity guide for rafting, sailing, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

Volunteering projects in Fiji

Education and eco-tourism are the fields with the most opportunities for voluntary work in Fiji, although volunteering in Fiji is also possible in many other specialized industries, such as health, medicine, and marine biology. However, whatever field you head out to volunteer in, it’s likely you’ll find yourself participating in some kind of outdoor activity, whether that is scuba diving, sailing, or hiking through the countryside.

Voluntary work in Fiji can last for as little as one week or sometimes up to a couple of months, depending on the type of placement and the time you have to commit as a volunteer. Different voluntary roles will also require different qualifications; for example, teaching a class of students will usually require you to stay for a term, and will most likely require a teaching degree or certificate, whereas other specialized areas such as scuba diving, may require volunteers to have a certificate in that field. However, there are also plenty of roles where no prior experience is required, in positions with limited responsibilities, such as assisting staff at an orphanage or conducting a guided tours.

Voluntary work in Fiji should be relatively easy to secure for those who are proficient in English as it is one of three recognized national languages and is spoken by the majority of the population, as well as being the language used by most volunteer organizations in Fiji.