Voluntary work in Egypt

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Egypt

Egypt has an intriguing history that seems to fascinate us all… sand-covered tombs, towering pyramids and theatrical temples connected by winding south to north flowing Nile River creates a spectacular sight that shouldn’t be missed. The dream of getting to ride a camel through ancient ruins and dipping your toes in the world’s longest river is enough to make anyone want to sign up for voluntary work in Egypt. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to help offset societal issues caused by a growing population, lack of resources, and the nation’s diminishing arable land.

Where to volunteer in Egypt

Red Sea and the River Nile and makes for a historically rich experience for those seeking voluntary work Egypt. A bustling city with a constant buzz resulting from its 22 million inhabitants, Cairo is nicknamed by the Egyptians as Umm Ad Dunya – the Mother of the World, and through the smog, the city’s beauty signs through. Cairo social services are constantly challenged by the demands of the country’s giant population, meaning voluntary opportunities are rife. As literacy is below international standards, volunteering in Cairo to teach English to locals of all ages is a very popular placement option.

Al-Qusayr is an eastern city on the shores of the Red Sea, and has evolved to become one of the major ports, as well as a scuba diver haven, where divers can explore underwater wildlife including sea turtles and bottlenose dolphins. Conservation volunteers are especially needed in Al-Qusayr to monitor the coral lined with local businesses.

Volunteering projects in Egypt

Thanks to its location on the coast of the Red Sea, there is plenty of voluntary work in Egypt centered on environmental protection and conservation of the surrounding coral reefs. Volunteering in Egypt involving biological research gives volunteers who love wildlife and water sports get the best of both worlds with the opportunity to scuba dive to get closer to and monitor sea turtles and dolphins. A large part of environmental conservation programs is education to locals in the community to promote the importance of marine life and environmental awareness.

Community development projects are another popular type for voluntary work in Egypt, and often focus on educating the locals on how to look after their communities for the future. For those interested in agriculture, it is possible to find voluntary work opportunities in Egypt on organic farms, where volunteers will learn how to undertake organic desert planting and develop a safe and eco-friendly way of utilizing Earth’s natural resources.

Voluntary work in Egypt can vary in length from one to two weeks to one to two years depending on the type of project and your own ability. Understanding Arabic is not required to volunteer in Egypt, but is useful as it is the national language of Egypt and local communities where volunteers are often placed tend to have less English language skills than larger, touristy cities. What’s more, as with all volunteering abroad opportunities, any attempt to learn the language will not only be appreciated by the locals, but will also help you get by in your day to day life.