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Voluntary work in the Dominican Republic means the opportunity to jet off to one of the Caribbean’s most geographically diverse countries and admire the mountainous landscape, colonial architecture and hundreds of kilometers of white sandy beaches. Despite being home to the second strongest economy in Central America and the Caribbean, there are still plenty of opportunities for voluntary work in the Dominican Republic that truly benefits the locals. Access to education and healthcare can be scarce and the island suffers often during hurricane season, which results in the need for voluntary assistance. It isn’t all work and no play though, as volunteers have the chance to experience the unrivalled Caribbean culture.

Where to volunteer in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic’s capital, Santo Domingo, was founded in 1496 and is filled with examples of impressive baroque architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the city’s Colonial Zone. The rich history of the country is showcased through this architecture; the first castle, monastery, and cathedral were built in Santo Domingo, and it was the first European settlement in the Americas. Voluntary work in the Dominican Republic’s largest city means volunteers will never be bored… the city has a range of things to see and do that suit everyone.

Santiago is the second largest city in the Dominican Republic, and is known as the “heart city” because of its fertile surroundings and central location. Santiago is surrounded by cocoa, tobacco, coffee, and rum production giving individuals who volunteer in Santiago the unique chance to visit farms and learn about the area’s various trades.

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Volunteering projects in Dominican Republic

Access to consistent health care is difficult to obtain throughout much of the Dominican Republic, particularly in rural areas, meaning the need for medical volunteering is high and consequently has become a very popular area of placement. Voluntary work in the Dominican Republic in the medical field consists of performing basic physical exams and shadowing doctors, which means it is also a great experience for those interested in a career in medicine, but there are health placements open to people outside of the field as well.

Community Development is another great way you can make a positive impact with voluntary work in the Dominican Republic, as despite being one of the strongest economies in the region, it is wholly sufficiently developed. Voluntary work in the Dominican Republic focuses on creating a better life for the people in underdeveloped areas in community development projects that provide more reliable and cleaner water supplies.

Construction is another great option for voluntary work in the Dominican Republic, where volunteers can work on building schools and homes, or rebuild the structures of those that already exist. Around 700,000 families reside in inadequate living conditions in the Dominican Republic, especially in rural areas, where houses are built out a mixture of mud and manure to hold together wood or even old oil drums, which can result in health issues for the inhabitants.

Very little funding goes towards public education in the Dominican Republic, so some experience difficulties accessing proper education, making the need for teaching volunteers. Teaching opportunities, from math to art to English to sport are offered throughout the country. Environmental projects are also a great choice for volunteers interested in conservation, as volunteers work to repair areas affected by hurricanes, rebuilding homes and planting trees and working with community gardens to redevelop the resources of the area.