Voluntary work in Canada

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Canada

As a well-developed country, you may not immediately think of voluntary work in Canada, but there are many opportunities for volunteers that provide a rewarding and immersive experience that benefits volunteers and locals alike. The globe’s second-biggest country has a limitless variety of landscapes, and the nature is why so many flock to the Great White North with its momentous mountain, craggy-coasts, delicious food, cool culture and amazing wildlife.

Where to volunteer in Canada

The vast size of the country means voluntary work in Canada can take place in a variety of locations; many northern territories are sparsely populated, where inhabited locations are highly developed and offer a very high standard of living. 

Toronto is Canada’s largest city, with a population of five million people, and despite not being the governmental capital it is considered the cultural and commercial capital due the being the most globally connected city. Rated as one of the most liveable places in the world, with vast green spaces and trails, Toronto is perfect for those seeking a mixture of adventure and comfort.

Montreal is Canada’s second largest city – the representation of French-speaking Canada is located in the northeast, and features as another economic and cultural leader. Named a UNESCO City of Design for its incredible architecture, Montreal is a true representation of friendly Canadian culture. Vancouver is another great spot for those looking for voluntary work in Canada; a busy port city that consistently ranks as the best place for a great quality of life. A beautiful coastal location with stunning surroundings, Vancouver serves as a popular tourist destination for those seeking outdoor adventure. 

Other smaller cities that offer opportunities for voluntary work in Canada includes Ottawa, the country’s capital, Calgary and Winnipeg. There are also opportunities in more rural areas and smaller towns.

Volunteering projects in Canada

Voluntary work in Canada can include a variety of placements related to areas such as social work, community building, childcare, and education. Volunteering in Canada can also include engaging decreasing indigenous populations through cross cultural interaction, and teach these populations work and life skills to improve and connect the quality of living within these communities.

For those interested in wildlife conservation, there is plenty of voluntary work in Canada focused on environmental preservation in heavily forested areas with a diverse range of wildlife and ecosystems. Voluntary work in this field may include assisting researchers, promoting awareness and helping to protect native species.

Voluntary work in Canada can take place anytime during the year, but it is important to remember the extreme weather some areas can endure, especially during the winter when temperatures can drop to below freezing – so if you don’t like the cold bear this in mind! However, this also makes for beautiful settings when the landscapes are laden with snow, so don’t let the chill deter you!