Voluntary work in Bulgaria

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Bulgaria

Located between western Asia and southeastern Europe, Bulgaria offers a delightful blend of nature and history, featuring endless cultural diversity and unforgettable experiences. Bulgaria’s Black Sea draws locals and travellers alike, complemented by the untamed landscapes that offer the prospect of adventures and amazing views. Voluntary work in Bulgaria means you will see the stunning scenery that is dotted with fortresses and ruins that whisper secrets of Bulgaria’s rich history, the incredible landscapes caves and mountains are juxtaposed by bustling cities such as Sofia.

Where to volunteer in Bulgaria

The diverse landscape means there are a range of locations that offer great destinations for voluntary work in Bulgaria, and the seven million strong population means the projects vary depending on how you wish to lend a hand.

The capital and largest city Sofia, is a popular choice for volunteering in Bulgaria; with a population of over one million people the city is the political and economic kingdom of the country. Increasingly growing in popularity as a tourist destination, the combination of stunning ancient architecture and modern sights make it a bustling destination where a volunteer will find themselves constantly exploring.

Varna and Plovdiv are smaller cities, each with populations of around 300,000, but still offer fulfilling experiences for volunteers. Varna sits on the Black Sea in the east with a bar-lined waterfront, the city offers a taste of Bulgarian culture where you’ll find Bulgaria’s largest Roman baths, alongside a lively cultural and restaurant scene. Plovdiv sits on the banks of Maritsa River, and as Europe’s oldest continuously inhabited city mingles electric nightlife with millennia old ruins and an abundance of history.

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Volunteering projects in Bulgaria

Despite being well developed, there are many opportunities for those looking for voluntary work in Bulgaria, due to problems grown from income inequality and urbanization. Volunteer projects frequently focus on youth development, education and social services to help locals tackle development obstacles. Many projects also consist of ecotourism, allowing volunteers to travel and experience the country alongside contributing to preserve its natural resources.

Voluntary work in Bulgaria can last from as little as two weeks to as long as one year, depending on the role you are undertaking. Knowledge of Bulgarian isn’t essential to volunteer in Bulgaria, as usually programs are accommodating to English speakers, however as with all volunteer opportunities, a basic knowledge of the language will be helpful in day-to-day life and to connect with the locals.