Voluntary work in Argentina

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Argentina

Argentina, located in the southern half of South America, perfectly combines South American traditions with strong European influences, creating an elegant country that is rich in natural, cultural and sporting resources alongside a well-educated population. As the second largest country in South America, and the eighth largest in the world, with a population of around 44 million, there is certainly no shortage of volunteer opportunities. Largely influenced by Spanish, Italian and other European backgrounds, modern Argentina is a unique blend of cultural influences that result in Argentina’s distinctive cultural flair. Voluntary work in Argentina will leave both your spirit and stomach full, as the country is famous for its amazing food and since Argentina contains the largest wine industry outside of Europe and is the fifth largest wine producer in the world, steak and a Malbec are a great option for dinner!

Where to volunteer in Argentina

The magical capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires, is a bustling city that embodies Argentinian culture wholeheartedly. The largest city in the country, with a population of around 2.9 million, there are plenty of voluntary work opportunities, friendly faces to meet and incredible experiences to be had. As a volunteer in Buenos Aires, you will have the amazing chance to discover the multiple layers of Argentinian fun, from marveling at the colorful La Boca neighborhood, or getting lost in San Telmo, to the grand Teatro Colón opera house.

Mendoza is another great location for voluntary work in Argentina; famous for wine, it is the perfect spot to make a difference during the day and then relax with a glass of red to reward yourself for your hard work in the evening! The liveliness of Mendoza carries on late into the night, as an array of bars and restaurants are filled with locals and tourists alike (and you could be one of them!).

The former capital of Argentina, Córdoba, is home to a large student population that has resulted in a bustling nightlife, amazing theatres and a youthful feel to the city. Situated in the center of Argentina, this a great option for voluntary work in Argentina, as it gives a glimpse into the history of the country due to its old colonial feel.

Volunteering projects in Argentina

As one of the more developed nations in Latin America, Argentina is fast developing as a society, but there is still a need for volunteers in many community development projects. Voluntary work in Argentina can vary due to the wildly differing climate and landscapes throughout the country, meaning there are roles to suit everyone!

Volunteers who want to help struggling communities will find more projects within Argentina’s densely-populated areas, where there is more of a demand for helping hands in healthcare, construction and childcare. There is also the opportunity to volunteer in an agricultural setting, which is no surprise when it is a country famous for incredible steak and wine! Volunteers will find chances to learn how to live off the land, and use natural resources sustainably and effectively.

Teaching English is another great option for those wanting to undertake voluntary work in Argentina, and you don’t even need a degree! If you are a native English speaker, then you are perfect for the role, and can utilize your linguistic ability to contribute to the development of Argentinian’s language skills. Whilst your enthusiasm and passion are the main ways to bag voluntary work in Argentina, some require a basic knowledge of Spanish, which is also helpful for your day to day life, so consider learning a little before you jet off or take a phrase book out with you to help you bond with the locals!