Living and Working in Maldives

Information & guidance about seasonal jobs in Maldives

Seasonal jobs in Maldives


Work as hotel staff in Greece, Spain, Maldives or Cyprus!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!


Searching for lifeguards in Greece, Spain, Cyprus or the Maldives


Photographers needed for the ´24 Summer season in sunny Greece!


Remote Customer Experience Specialist Dutch speaker, Lisbon


Remote Customer Experience Specialist Norwegian Speaker, Lisbon

If you intend to visit Maldives, on holiday, a business trip, to study, work, volunteer or as an emigrant you should get up to date and accurate information from the official website of the Maldives Department of Immigration and Emigration.

For up to date information on visa requirements, you can also check with the Embassy or Consulate of Maldives before you travel.

Voluntary work in Maldives

Where to volunteer in Maldives

The Maldives are made up of around 1,192 islands with only 192 of them being inhabited, which in reality – is still a lot! Many of the islands are made up of the world’s most exclusive hotel brands and other forms of tourism and volunteerism, although there ares till many that are occupied solely by locals. The Maldives are famous for the white-than-white powder sand and luminous crystal blue waters, lagoons and coral reefs, providing so much for visitors to explore.

Malé – this island contains around 35,000 people per square kilometer and is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. Malé is the urbanized capital island of the Maldives, whilst also being classed as the financial and commercial capital. This city is home to nearly a third of the population of the Maldives, meaning that the voluntary work opportunities are endless, with popular projects being within the education and community development sectors.

Naifaru is the second busiest city after Malé, located in the North of the Maldives. Naifaru is expected to be developed within the next few years and is involved with many reclamation projects, therefore creating voluntary work in the Maldives within community development. The city is famous for its friendly locals and densely populated streets, allowing volunteers to dive right into the culture and interact with the local Maldivians.

Noonu – the “noonu atoll” is a large coral reef shaped like a ring that encloses a shallow lagoon, in which protects the series of small islands. Due to the islands educational improvements, marine conservation and further development in general, this is a popular location for voluntary work in the Maldives.

Volunteering projects in Maldives

As the Maldives is a series of islands, most voluntary work is focused on marine conservation, although working with children and working on community development are also popular options. No matter what your interests or skills are in, there are so many opportunities within voluntary work in the Maldives.

Marine Conservation: The Maldives has an immense geographical stance, with the islands being created from volcanic eruptions. Each island has a unique and distinct geographical history and features, which have led the way for explosive marine life over the 1,192 islands. Voluntary work in marine conservation is important in island communities, therefore the volunteers who invest their efforts into research and rehabilitation of marine life will be highly appreciated by locals.

Education: Voluntary work in the Maldives is also popular in education, with placements to assist teachers in daily work, helping students improve their English, skill sets and overall confidence to better their future education and lives.

Community Development: Voluntary work in the Maldives with community development allows volunteers to get involved with projects such as beach clean-ups or reef clearing. These projects allow volunteers to lend a helping hand no matter their skill sets, allowing them to also learn new skills and have a rewarding experience.