Living and working abroad – Be prepared for the big move

Living and working abroad – Be prepared for the big move

First things first..congratulations on securing a job abroad – it takes dedication, passion and a whole lot of energy so take a minute to pat yourself on the back and recognise that all your hard work has paid off! However, there are things to organise before you can sit back and relax, as an epic move means a lot of things to organise…the earlier you can get this sorted the earlier you can focus on getting excited for your big adventure!

We have listed a few things we think are important in a pre-departure checklist, so you can get prepared and have time to spare to soak up the last few moments with your friends and family (and indulge in all your favourite home comforts)!

Tie up loose ends

It is likely that you have a car or a home you will be leaving behind, so it is important to figure out what you want to do with these belongings first and foremost. If you have an overflowing wardrobe that will be impossible to fly overseas, maybe see if you can make a little extra cash and lighten the load, or if you have larger items such as furniture that you just can’t part with see if it can find a temporary home with a friend or go into storage. Moving abroad is a great chance to declutter your mountain of belongings, so make the most of the opportunity and only keep what you actually need!

Find a new home abroad

 Perhaps the most important thing to get arranged early on – you don’t want to fly out with nowhere to go from the airport! Some jobs assist with the house hunting whereas for some you’re out on your own, so join online groups, chat to any people you may know from the area you’re moving to and sign up with housing agencies so that you have ample time to explore your options and find the place right for you! Once you have your new address, don’t forget to inform anyone who needs to know that is has changed, so you can be forwarded anything important and maybe even receive treats from those who miss you!

Dreaded documents

As unglamourous as it is, those jet setting off to a new life need to make sure all the important documents (including passports, visas and health insurance) are correct and up-to-date to ensure a smooth transition into your new life. You need to be prepared for anything that gets thrown your way, and as you may be unfamiliar with the systems in your new home make sure you have copies of these documents that you can have with you at all times (maybe stored on your phone or emailed to yourself). This way you can have them available at a moment’s notice – which may help you in any sticky situations!

Money, money, money

 It might be the draw of the change in culture, or bigger wage that tempted you into getting a job abroad, but either way it is important that you are sensible with your money and put thought into how you will budget your salary. It is likely that you will have to survive a few weeks without incoming money before you get paid from your new job, so it is important that you have enough in savings to keep you afloat to begin with, and work out how much you need to have a comfortable period of adapting to your new way of life! Making a budget plan of how you will spend your wages due to the difference in food, travel and accommodation prices abroad means you won’t get any nasty shocks, and can feel confident that you are prepared. It is also beneficial to look into getting a travel card that will save you from international fees, or setting up an International Bank Account which is required for some subscriptions such as gym memberships abroad.

The fun stuff

This is the miscellaneous preparation that will get you even more excited for your big adventure, such as researching the culture and customs of your new home, including work environments so you know what behaviour is expected from employees. Finding out fun things to do to fill your evenings and weekends means you can embrace your tourist side, and looking up clubs and activities that coincide with your hobbies means you can head off confident that you will be surrounded by new friends in no time!

Once you have checked this list (twice!) you can feel ready to take on the challenge and get stuck in to your new lifestyle!