7 tips for stress-free travel

7 tips for stress-free travel

You’ve landed your dream job, you’re counting down the days until you jet off to your new city and then the dread hits…you still have to pack up all your belongings and make it through the airport. Moving to live and work abroad can feel like an overwhelming experience, but worry not, we have accumulated 7 top tips to help make the travelling process as worry-free as possible, so that you can forget the stress and focus on looking forward to your new adventure!

Avoid panic packing by being prepared 

The earlier you start organising what you are going to take to your new home, the more time you have to assess whether 7 coats really are necessary for a summer in Spain, and you can gradually whittle down the mountain of items you were initially desperate to take. Remember, it’s not the end of the world if you forget a few things…you’ll be able to buy a toothbrush out there! Making a list, then halving the list is a great way to ensure you only pack the essentials whilst avoiding the ‘just in case’ items (giving you the perspective to realise you don’t need a ski suit in Portugal ‘just in case’!)

Weigh your bags at home

You might already be slightly nervous about stepping on the plane to start your new life, so the last thing you want is a meltdown at check-in as you scramble to decide which items are going to be sacrificed because your suitcase is over the weight limit. There are hundreds of cheap digital scales available to buy online so save yourself the headache and make sure you have checked baggage weight limits before you set off to the airport. This way you can swan through security and head straight to duty free to stock up on the items you ended up forgetting (despite the 12 different lists!)

Don’t forget the importance of the carry-on

Always pack a spare change of clothes in your carry-on bag, especially if you start your new job shortly after arriving! It is a sad fact of life that occasionally luggage gets lost and can sometimes take days for the airlines to track down…You don’t want to make the wrong impression by turning up to the office in the clothes you have been wearing for the past three days, and an emergency toiletry bag full of minis is never a bad move either.

Know where your gate is

Tensions are bound to be high as you venture out into the big wide world, so making sure you actually catch your flight is essential! Apps such as Flio are great for easy-to-read maps and live flight status updates, so by checking all this information in advance and receiving any changes through notifications on your phone, you can hit duty free worry free!

Eat and drink the right things

The top tip anyone will tell you is to stay hydrated to avoid the nasty side effects that can come with flying. You want to arrive in your new city feeling fresh and excited, so as tempting as the in-air beers may be, make water your new best friend and you’ll be feeling fine!

Have your currency ready

Have a small amount of the local currency ready for when you land, making your journey from the airport to your new home smooth sailing whether it be by bus or taxi, so you can dump your belongings and start exploring your new city as soon as possible! There is nothing worse than having to drag 3 suitcases around searching for an ATM to be hit with fees, so making sure you also have a card that can be used for free abroad is essential (we recommend Monzo!)

Finally, enjoy it

Although flying is notoriously stressful, try to enjoy the experience! Your airport adventure is the first step in your exciting journey, so although it might be easy to focus on the annoyance of your flight being 30 minutes delayed, remember why you are there and stay positive! The stress will soon be forgotten when you are enjoying your new lifestyle so keep this in mind!