Living in Lisbon vs living in Porto

living in lisbon living in porto

You finally made your decision, you are moving to Portugal! ☀️ Now comes the hard part, where should you live? Should you be living in Lisbon or Porto? Both have many advantages, so let’s break it down to see which city would fit you best when you are working and living in Portugal. And if you don’t have a job in Portugal yet, check our vacancies: we have job offers in Lisbon and Porto 😜

Living in Lisbon vs living in Porto : different vibes

When working in Lisbon, you will discover a cosmopolitan city full of expats and full of tourists, especially in the summer. That means every time you go out you will meet new people from everywhere. Get ready to make international friends! The vibe in Lisbon is also a bit hipster ; you will find a lot of trendy places like vegan café, famous nightclubs..

Whereas Porto is a little more traditional. You will, of course, also meet expats and tourists but there are more locals, which is a really good thing to practice your Portuguese 😜 Porto is a little bit more relaxed, so if you are a party animal, you will be happier in Lisbon! Indeed, Lisbon has more nightclubs and bars and a more dynamic nightlife than Porto. However, don’t think Porto is too quiet, as there are still a good number of bars to party at! 🍻 In general, the vibe in Porto is way more relaxed and chill !

Living in Lisbon vs Living in Porto : pros and cons ?

Honestly, it’s even hard for us to choose between living in Porto and living in Lisbon. Both have some really good points, but here are some of their biggest pros! 😄

Porto is a smaller city than Lisbon, which means the crowds are smaller as well! You will still see many tourists in the summer, but it won’t be near as much as Lisbon. Another great advantage is the cost of living. Porto is indeed cheaper than Lisbon, so when working in Porto, you can find a room for as cheap as 200€/month, not bad, huh? 🥳
Porto is famous for its wine of course, (which you can taste in any bar or restaurant in the city!) but did you know that some people even say that the food is better than in Lisbon? (we will let you be the judge of that 🤤)
Working in Porto you might feel like there is less sightseeing than in Lisbon, and you would be right. However, the city has some of the best ones like a Harry Potter bookstore! (you should go take a look, it’s worth it!) 🪄

Lisbon is a bigger city and is home to many international people! What we love most about this city is that each neighborhood is like its own little town, therefore they all have a different vibe! From Bairro Alto to Alfama, you would feel like you’re not even in the same city. As the city is so big, life gets busier. There are more things to do, more places to go and more people to meet. Lisbon is also closer to the Algarve, which is one of the prettiest region of Portugal. Perfect for a weekend gateaway ! ☀️
Being home to so many expats, Lisbon offers a wide range of events for everybody and you can never get bored in this busy capital !

Living in Lisbon vs living in Porto : the weather

Yes, we know, Lisbon and Porto are only a couple of hours away from each other, however, the weather can be quite different.
It can definitely get warmer in Lisbon as you’re in the southern part. Lisbon is actually known for being the sunniest European capital ! However, the summers can get quite sticky and sweaty!

Whereas in Porto, the summers are cooler and way less sweaty! Porto is situated in the Northern part of Portugal which will give you the perfect weather to enjoy some nice time in the summer without being too hot 🥵

So where should you live ?

To conclude, both cities have a lot to offer and it’s a personal choice. No matter if you find a job in Lisbon or if you find a job in Porto, we are sure that you will have the experience of your life! And maybe you could even try both, get a job in Lisbon for a while and if you don’t like it, get a job in Porto the year after so you can make up your mind 😜

living in lisbon living in porto