Clément’s testimonial : Living and working in Lisbon

Vivre et travailler a lisbonne

Do you wonder what it’s like to be working and living in Lisbon ? Maybe you want to take your career to Portugal or you might want to take a gap year to gain some experience ? Well, Lisbon could be the city for you ! Read Clement’s testimonial to find out what it’s like to live in Lisbon  !  😏☀️

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Clement’s testimonial : Living and working in Lisbon 

Hi Clement, why did you want to be living and working in Lisbon ?
Living and working in Lisbon allows me to get a change of scenery, to discover new things. What pushed me to go was that in France, when you’re young, for example, I’m 21, I just graduated and it’s really hard to find a job when you don’t really have any experience. Despite sending many CVs, every time it was the same reply “You need more experience”.  So I asked myself, why not try to work abroad ? And I do not regret it ! I don’t want to go back to France, I feel at home, here, in Portugal. ☀️

What did you think about our recruitment process ? 
Honestly, I can only give a positive review because everything was so smooth and fast. I remember seeing an ad on Instagram, but I applied on Facebook. After I applied, it took only 2 weeks to get my flight ticket and be ready to go ! The person I was in contact with was always there for me and answered all of my questions. I could ask pretty much everything, and there was always someone to give me an answer. ✈️

What do you like the most about your new city ? 
The mindset here is so different from what you can see in France. Here, you feel like you know everybody and that everyone is friend ! Also, everything is very clean even though Lisbon is a capital. And there is something for everyone, from young people to elderly. Lisbon has a lot to offer to all kind of audience. It’s a very lively city, the weather is incredible and the people are so nice. 

Tell us about your apartment since you’ve been working and living in Lisbon 
I live in one of the company’s apartments. It’s very well located and we have everything : a big balcony, a great living room, a nice TV… We live in a building where there are only people working from our company. So we’re all colleagues, therefore we all get along! 😄

Is it easy to make friends when living and working in Lisbon ? 
I met many people in the streets ! In the neighbourhood, there are many Portuguese/Brazilians. Plus, in the building, as we are all colleagues, you definitely meet so many people. And if you get along then you can go have a drink in each other’s apartment!🍷

What do you do during your free time when working and living in Lisbon ? 
I like to go out after work, usually I meet my colleagues and we all go together to the beach to watch the sunset. And I mean, of course, I love to have some drinks 😄

Any advice for people who want to go work abroad ? 
If you are wondering about working abroad, that means a part of you wants to experience it. So, why not ? Especially because when going with AnyworkAnywhere, you already have a job when you get there ! If you are worried about being away from your friends/family, you can always talk to them even from abroad. Working abroad can only be beneficial, so don’t hesitate ! 

Would you recommend us to your friends ? 
100%, yes. And I’ve done it already, actually ! Some of the people I’ve recommended have been hired by the company I am working at. When I went through the process with you, everything was so smooth, I felt very supported so yes I would definitely recommend you. You were there to help me whenever I had any doubts about leaving.

If Clement’s testimonial inspired you to go living and working in Lisbon, have a look through our vacancies abroad ! You could be living the same life as him in a couple of weeks  🥰