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Italian customer service agents needed in Thessaloniki, Greece!

Have you ever dreamt of working somewhere where others go on vacation to? Enjoy the sunny weather in Greece’s second biggest city Thessaloniki and work as a Customer Service Employee for a new online streaming service! The upcoming Streaming-Platform needs motivated people to answer customer’s questions and help them solve their problems concerning their account. Sounds good? Apply now and live your best life in Greece!

About the position:

  • 💼 Datore di lavoro Anywork Anywhere Recruitment
  • 💻 Mansione Full time Customer Service Representative
  • 🌎 Località Thessaloniki, Greece
  • 🇮🇹 Lingua Italian & English
  • 📅 Periodo di tempo Minimum 12 months
  • 👨 Età minima 18 years

What’s included?:

  • 🏠 Alloggio A temporary stay in a hotel for 2 weeks will be arranged for you and you will get help in finding permanent accommodation afterwards
  • ✈️ Volo Included
  • 🚍 Transfer dall'aeroporto Included
  • 📋 Assistenza Amministrativa Help with administration, taxes, health insurance and banking
  • 💰 Stipendio Lordo Mensile € 1050 gross per month + 2 bonus months of salary per year + performance bonus

About the position:

The official name of this position is “Customer Service Employee”, but we prefer to call you “Customer Superhero”. After all, you are the hero who helps customers every day and solves their problems. You communicate with customers mainly in Italian via E-Mail, Social Media and Telephone, but as a real superhero, you sometimes have to deal with your international colleagues. That’s why the knowledge of English is a prerequisite for this job. In addition, you have the opportunity to further educate yourself in Thessaloniki: Thanks to coaching and extensive training, you will become a real star in your job and know exactly how to deal with the questions and problems that will approach you every day.


Why you should work with us – your advantages:

How do I get to Thessaloniki? Of course with a fully refunded flight! After landing, you will be picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation. Speaking of accommodation: You will probably not have found any new accommodation on the first day. That is why a temporary hotel stay will be paid for you during the first two weeks. Your colleagues will then help you find a new home in Thessaloniki and make you feel more at home in Greece. You will also receive help with your administration – such as opening a bank account – and with your taxes and health insurance.


Why you should work in Greece

In addition to its interesting historical past, Greece has much more to offer. With its picturesque olive groves, white houses and kilometers of sandy beaches, it is also one of the most popular holiday destinations for Europeans. You can also expect a versatile, delicious cuisine and many party people with whom you can turn the nights into days by enjoying greek wine and a lot of Ouzo. Get spoiled by this culturally rich country and its breathtaking architecture and nature!


What we offer:

  • a paid plane ticket to Thessaloniki
  • on arrival, a temporary stay in a hotel 
  • help with finding your new home in Thessaloniki
  • help with organizing your administration, e.g. bank, health insurance and taxes
  • a gross monthly salary of € 1100 + 2 bonus monthly wages per year + performance bonus
  • training: You benefit from professional and academical development with paid training and coaching
  • make the most out of your free time: Become a real Greek and learn Greek during a free language course. Or feel like a real explorer by taking part in excursions! Would you prefer to be more active? Then take part in our sport events!

What we expect from you:

  • you are an Italian native/fluent speaker
  • good English 
  • flexibility (shift work)
  • you are available for at least 12 months
  • good computer skills
  • you are at least 18 years of age or older