Voluntary work in Venezuela

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Venezuela

Along with many other Latin American countries, Venezuela has had a long history of political uncertainty. Being one of the first South American colonies to declare independence in the 19th century, Venezuela has since endured more than two centuries of constant changes and uprisings, yet it is still full of high levels of corruption and inflation. Venezuela still remains a truly beautiful country with its colorful, vibrant and festive culture. Voluntary work in Venezuela gives individuals opportunities for the most eye opening experience. Throwing you into the real Latin American culture and giving you the chance to make a real difference in others’ lives.

Where to volunteer in Venezuela

Venezuela is classed as one of the most urbanized countries in South America. With many of the 30 million inhabitants living in major cities such as Caracas, Maracaibo, Valencia, and Barquisimeto.

Caracas is the political capital of Venezuela and the largest city with a population of around 6 million. Caracas is located in the coastal mountain ranges near the Atlantic Ocean, making it the center of cultural and economic activity of the country as a whole. Caracas offers international volunteers an authentic and bustling view of Venezuelan urban life with its range of international businesses, museums, shopping malls, and tourist attractions.

Other major cities such as Maracaibo, Valencia, and Barquisimeto still remain with the foundations of the 16th century colonization and important fragments of the Venezuelan culture. Although these cities may be respectably developed, living in these cities can be quite intense for foreign volunteers who are not used to or prepared for the urban environment of developing countries, therefore Caracas is the best place for volunteers to arrive.

Over a quarter of Venezuelans live below the poverty line, and sadly many of the effects of this are shown and based on the nation’s bigger cities. This underperforming economy contributes to the greater need and overall impacts of voluntary work in Venezuela.

Volunteering projects in Venezuela

The country of Venezuela has high poverty rates, therefore voluntary work in Venezuela is not that hard to find. Individuals who decide to volunteer here will find numerous opportunities to provide aid in the areas of social work and community building. Other popular voluntary work in Venezuela includes helping within the healthcare, childcare and education sectors, whilst other placements may include contributions to social and economic development of particular cities or towns in Venezuela. Voluntary work in Venezuela which help provide necessary social services are extremely valuable to Venezuela’s poorest cities and the residents, who have little to no access to such resources and deserve the help.

Other popular sectors for voluntary work in Venezuela include environmental conservation and wildlife protection. Since Venezuela is extremely biodiverse with its location being at the Northern tip of South America near the equator. Venezuela is home to thousands of species and huge rainforests. Voluntary work in Venezuela offer various opportunities to work on projects in the more rural, untamed areas such as reforestation, environmental cleanup and education. Environmental conservation is not high on the nation’s priority list, as economic progress is more of an immediate action. This means that volunteers can provide valuable resources and awareness-raising campaigns for locals, providing a rewarding experience for the volunteer.