bunac work in south korea

Teach English in South Korea

Teach South Korea is an unparalleled opportunity to spend 12 months living and teaching English in South Korea. With a high earning potential, fascinating culture and diverse landscape, South Korea is the perfect work and travel destination.

About the position:

  • Company BUNAC
  • Function Teaching
  • Location South Korea

What’s included?:

  • Salary Up to £1,474
  • Accommodation Included
  • Flight Reimbursed

Earn your TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) qualification in the vibrant city of Seoul. With a guaranteed job placement once you’ve completed your TESOL, you’ll begin teaching, typically in a private language school. Expect a monthly wage of up to £1,474, a flight re-reimbursement of $1000, your accommodation sourced and paid for AND a bonus of a months wage at the end of your contract.