Ninukot work in iceland

Ninukot Offers Seasonal Or Short Term Work In Iceland All Year Round

Ninukot offers a unique opportunity to visit Iceland and experience it like a native, with seasonal or short term work in Iceland all year round. You will have the amazing chance to work and live with Icelanders in the beautiful countryside; make new friends, learn a new language and challenge yourself in a new and different environment.

About the position:

  • Company: Ninukot
  • Function: Various
  • Location: Iceland

What’s included?:

  • Salary: Competitive
  • Administration Help: Yes, included

Ninukot offers work in several sectors.  You can choose from working on a farm milking cows or gathering hay, meet people from all over the world in a country hotel, grow vegetables in greenhouses, take care of children and a household,  and a selection of other jobs all around Iceland.

Ninukot can also provide unpaid internship placements in multiple fields upon request.

Ninukot offers work in the following fields:

Au Pair

Farm Work

Horse Training

Gardening / Horticulture


The workplaces are located all around Iceland, both in the countryside and in villages and towns.

Majority of our workplaces are owned and managed by their owners, for example a family operated farm or a owner managed hotel or a restaurant.

Please note! Only EEA citizens are eligible to apply for work through Ninukot.