Lisbon 2

French customer service agents needed in Lisbon, Portugal

Start your working adventure as a Customer-Service-Representative in sunny Lisbon! You will have the chance to work with the clients of some real global Players like Nike, Facebook, Google etc. Does that sound like music to your ears? Learn more about the position below and apply now!

About the position:

  • Company: Working Adventures
  • Function: Customer Service Representative
  • Location: Lisbon, Portugal
  • Language: French
  • Period: Minimum 12 months
  • Minimum Age: 18 years

What’s included?:

  • Accommodation: Included, room in a shared apartment
  • Flight: Paid back after 9 months
  • Airport pick-up service: Included
  • Organisational support: Help with administration, taxes, health insurance and banking
  • Gross monthly salary: €850 to €1,080 per month

Have you ever dreamt of working in an old, beautiful city close to the sea with sunny weather throughout most of the year? Do you like the idea of working for a big company with an impact on the worldwide business? So why not start your new job as a Customer Service Representative in marvelous Lisbon? Apply now and live the best life while working in Portugal!


About the Position:

Now you have the possibility of working abroad for a real Global Player. This experience will add perfectly on to your CV and will help you with any challenge you will face afterwards.

As part of the customer service you will communicate with clients via E-Mail, Social Media and phone. You will receive training in advance and will be coached regularly. You will assist your clients in French, but you should bring along a good knowledge of English, too.


Don’t worry, everything will be arranged for you:

We want to help you with your travels to Lisbon as much as possible. That’s why your flight will be paid by us! Moreover you will be picked up from the airport once you’ve arrived in Lisbon and will be taken to your new home. The shared flat where you will have your own room is located in a very nice and friendly neighborhood close to the beach. Your new colleagues will help you with administrational things such as taxes or insurance. They know exactly how you feel starting to adapt to a new environment and will support you as much as they can.

Your life in Lisbon: 

Lisbon is the city with the most sunny hours in whole Europe! 

Living and working in Lisbon will be very adventurous! The charming, beautiful city combined with the loose and relaxed mentality of the Portugese people – you are going to love it! Lisbon is a very international city where people from all over the world have found their home. A lot of the inhabitants can speak English, but if you really want to integrate yourself, why don’t you start learning Portugese in a free course! This whole new experience will enrich your life in so many ways!

If you miss your family and friends at home – don’t worry. You will get one flight per year back home to see them! Luckily, the airport in Lisbon is very central so you can start your journey very easy!

Because Lisbon’s average temperature of 21 degrees ​you will spend a lot of warm and relaxed evenings at the different terraces and balconies or at the beach. There you can also try Kite-Surfing and participate in a course for free!

Probably you will recognize quickly that Portugal is a lot cheaper than other European countries. To prepare you for the prices there, we have listed a few average products/services that you might buy day by day.


What we offer you:


  • help with your plane ticket, health insurance, bank account, and contracts will be for you and taxes
  • you can get a bonus of ± 100 € p / m
  • you receive a training and ongoing coaching
  • attractive ascent-possibilities
  • free Portuguese course, kitesurfing lessons, cooking class etc.
  • great working atmosphere with many get-togethers like: film evenings, company dinners and much more
  • gross monthly salary of € 950
  • life experience that you will never forget


What we expect from you:

  • Fluent in French (spoken and written), knowledge of english 
  • you are ready to live and work in Lisbon for about 12 months
  • you are at least 18 years of age or older