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BUNAC are the leading providers of work, intern and volunteer abroad programmes in North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia.

Working Holidays – Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA

Working in Australia is the best way for you to experience the real culture of this vast country. Whether you're a fully independent traveller or need a little a little help along the way, we have a choice of four packages to suit your needs. Our team of Work Australia experts will help you with everything from getting a visa to finding a job. Start your new Aussie adventure today!

Work New Zealand

Working in New Zealand is a fantastic way to experience everything this magnificent country has to offer. Kick start your adventure by bungee jumping in Queenstown, working on an organic farm in Napier or waiting tables in Wellington. The welcoming backpacker culture makes it easy to make friends and with support from BUNAC’s resource centre in Auckland, New Zealand is the perfect working holiday destination.

Work America

If you're a student and like the sound of spending your summer living and working in the U.S, then look no further than our Work America programme. Our team of travel experts will help you with everything from finding your perfect job to securing your visa, you'll also get a month extra to travel the States when you've finished working.

Work Canada

Start your work abroad adventure with our Work Canada programme. Whether you want to spend a winter working on the slopes of Whistler or Banff or a summer in mountains, we have packages to suit you. Our team of travel experts will help you with everything from finding a job to securing your visa.

Join up to 50 other BUNACers on one of legendary group flights. You’ll make new mates before the captain has asked you to fasten your selt-belt. If you’re heading Down Under, our group flight includes a 3 day stopover in Hong Kong and if you’re heading to Canada you’ll stopover in Reykjavik. 

Summer Camp USA

Summer camps are an American tradition and international staff bring variety, personality and new skills to camp. Working at a summer camp in the USA is often described as being 'the hardest job you’ll ever love!'  You’ll gain valuable, CV-enhancing work experience plus you’ll have the opportunity to travel around America and make friends from all over the world.  With low up-front costs and a competitive in-hand salary, this is an affordable and rewarding opportunity that you’ll remember for a lifetime. 

Spend 8-10 weeks working and living in an idyllic camp setting with children aged 6-16 in an activity instructing role. Spending the summer at camp is a fun and rewarding way to spend a summer outdoors, teaching an activity you love.

Camps hire activity specialists with experience in coaching and motivating children. If you have experience in teaching any of the in-demand activities, you'll be perfect for Summer Camp USA!

Sports Coaching

Change the lives of disadvantaged kids in Port Elizabeth, South Africa through the power of sport. As a hub for all sporting abilities, you'll make friends from all over the world, inspire kids and leave lasting memories at every school.

Wildlife & Conservation

Channel your inner Attenborough and travel with a purpose by volunteering on a wildlife and conservation projects. BUNAC host projects in a variety of fantastic locations including South Africa, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Australia and New Zealand.

Working with Children

Take part in one of the most rewarding travel experiences you can have by working with children. These projects are all about teaching valuable life skills to children in under privileged areas. Choose to volunteer in India or Nepal on one of BUNAC’s working with children projects.

Multi Projects

Explore the world by jumping from one project to another. BUNAC’s multi projects could mean you’re teaching kids one week and getting your hands dirty in a construction project the next. It’s a great way to make the most of your time away. BUNAC have multi projects in Ecuador and  Cambodia.


Immerse yourself in the historic and fascinating culture that is Nepal to join an international team of volunteers working to improve the lives of the local communities after the 2015 Nepal Earthquake by building and renovating essential basic infrastructure and facilities.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Embark on the adventure of a lifetime teaching English in an amazing dream location! You can choose to teach in China, Thailand OR Vietnam. Our internships range from two to six months and give you a unique and immersive taste of teaching abroad in some of the world’s most breath taking locations.

Intern in Britain

Ready for a major boost on your resume while spending up to 6 months loving life in the UK? Get an internship in almost any industry and let BUNAC assist with the sponsorship and visa!

Professional Internships

With thousands of students graduating each year the UK job market is a tough one. Embarking on a customised professional internship is a great way to build on your experience after university so you can land that dream job. Choose to intern in the Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Australia.

Marine Internships

Embark on a life changing marine internship in either Mexico or the Seychelles. Get your PADI dive qualifications, assist in crucial marine conservation and get involved in community initiatives. With plenty of time to wind down and watch the sun set in a paradise location.

Wildlife & Conservation Internship

Kick start your adventure in the Toruguero national park in Costa Rica by assisting with initiatives to conserve the exciting wildlife. Monitor jaguar feeding patterns, conduct mammal and prey studies and observe nesting sea turtles.

For more information please visit BUNAC’s website: at or give them a call on

Tel: 033 3999 7516

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